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Training and development are important functions to an increasingly expanding business like the easyGroup since staff and managers need to be constantly in-tune with the latest additions to services, products and be informed on how this impacts on business, sales, and growth. Training and development are necessary components to the success and stability of the easyGroup brand because without investing on the developing the potential of people within the business, such as its staff, managers and executive, then innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial capacity of key people will be undermined.

This would contradict the ethos and values of the business, thus it will need to follow-through with its promises by continually training and developing its people for it to be able to deliver and gain the trust and commitment from its employees, managers, customers and shareholders. * Discuss the implications to the organisation if they do not develop employees’ skills levels to effectively manage and cope with change. Provide examples to support your comments.

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It is vital that the easyGroup develop employees’ skills levels to effectively manage and cope with change because the world of business, technology is making change take place faster and it affects everything, such as: Customer Loyalty and Expectations: customers choose easyGroup because they know their services and products are available online 24/7, purchases can be made at any time online and their prices are competitive.

Customers want to also have a good quality of service, which means staff need to be ready to handle any query from customers, be able to communicate clearly, have the good knowledge of the products. Employees will also need to have access to up to date information in order for them to make decisions or respond effectively to customers needs. Therefore, staff need to be able to put the customer first by continually trying to improve services and maintain high standards, which requires employees to be flexible, professional, approachable and proactive.

Company Growth and Expansion: the easyGroup cannot be complacent or take it for granted the extent of rapid growth and success the business has achieved. The business relies strongly on its people (staff, managers, customers) to provide the imputes to continue setting industry standards in different business areas, beating the competition on value, price, service and quality.

And employees’ skills levels will need to be reviewed periodically to identify the gaps in knowledge, skills, and competencies that need to be acquired through training, developing a mixed-talent of teams to complete projects, and to identify people within the organisation that possess a specific skill, comptetency or knowledge they are short in and be able to transfer them or develop them to train others in this area. Otherwise, the company will need to recruit and employ more staff to fill this gap.

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