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Motivation is all about the individual desire to succeed at work or in personal life. At work motivation plays an important role for an individual to do his or her job effectively. Some times people assume that high pay will surely motivate the staff to do the effective job but this is not the case all the time. For example if an individual is earning a lot, but where this individual is working is not a safe place, he or she easily can be harmed by dangerous machinery, this factor will surely de motivate the staff while doing the job.

Factors affecting individual motivation at work: Work environment: This can be described as in which atmosphere employer is working in if the environment of the place is clean; hazards free, protected from any kind of danger then there are high chances for staff to do their job successfully without thinking they will physically be harmed because the environment has many dangerous hazard. Whereas if the environment of the place is dirty, full of hazards which seriously can harm the staff of the business then there are high chances for staff of the business to do less effective job.

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Therefore it is very important that employer must make sure that the environment of the business, or in which the staff will be doing their job is clean and free from any hazard. By providing the good environment owner of the business is not only making the staff to do the job effectively but also manager is increasing the chances of business to make more money because if staff is not doing their job effectively, for example they are treating customer rudely or not paying enough attention to them, there are of course high chances for business to close down.

Businesses are run by customers if there is no customer in business this mean there will be no business. Wages/Salaries: It is very important for business to retain their staff, because recruiting new people every six month is not the right choice, because business will be spending its money to advertise the job vacancies in the newspapers and also business will be training the staff to do the job effectively, this will cost business to spend the time explaining the duties, therefore it is important for businesses to hold on to their staff business can do this by giving good wages and salaries.

Business should give all it employees good wages and salaries, if an employee gets an reasonable paid for the particular job they are doing, it will surely make them to put more hard work in the job. If the staff of the business is not getting paid comparison to the job they are doing, it will make them dissatisfy about the job and after certain time they might decide to look for other job and leave their old job. When the employees leave the business, business will obviously have to recruit other people to do the job, when a company recruit new people it cost money because new comer has to get basic training to do the job etc.

Nowadays it is very important for businesses to follow all the rules and regulations set by the government some laws which MUST be followed by the business such as the National Minimum Wage Act 2003, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. There are many laws, which must be followed by the business to run successfully, by not following government, can take the trading license or the government might fine the business.

Sick/ holiday pay: When a business provides sick pay to its staff, it makes staff to feel proud that they are working for a company which recognizes that some times it is out of staff control to come to work, when they are seriously ill, more over sick pay will make them proud that they will be paid when they are away from the work due to sickness. Holiday pay will also make staff feel that they are working for a business which is giving them money to go for holidays for two or more weeks; this will surely make staff to try their best to do their job well, when they come from holidays.

Promotion: This is when one employee is moved from low-level job to high-level job, due to their hard work. When a company gives promotion to its employees they are motivated and make them work more hard in the company. If the company is not giving the promotion then the employees will not work hard enough and will not do the job as effectively as it should. Health and safety: Is all about whether the organisation-working environment is hazard free or not.

Business owner should make sure that the environment of the business is hazard free for staff to do their job effectively, if in the working environment there are hazards which staff think can harm them in one way or the other then the staff will fell de motivated going to the job. Health and Safety Law requires businesses to have fire exit clear all the time, and also business should also have wheel access for disabled people (customers). Employee appraisal: In an organisation, employers want everyone to be pulling in the same direction.

Effective organisation will therefore set a mission targets identifying the overarching aims of the organisation. When employees have an appraisal they will know where to improve and also they will be providing training. The employer can provide more training to improve staff’s skill and also the employees will have extra skills and knowledge. Overtime: Is when an employee wants to work more than their normal working hours, this is if an employee is usually working 8 hours a day, and on particular day he wants to work more then 8 hours to earn a more money.

It is very important than for the business to provide working hours because if they don’t provide extra working hours (over time) than the employee will fell de-motivated and will fell dissatisfy about the job. He or she might leave this job and look for another job, which they provide overtime-working hours. If the employee is not given the option to work over time then they will not perform well in the job and they might work hard. Job security: This can be described as for how long the employee is appointed to do the job.

If the job is only for a few months then the employee is not likely to be motivated, because he/she knows that after few months the job will not be there, so there is not point putting in the handwork. Whereas if the job is secured, the employees thinks that the job will be there if he do the job effectively then there are very high chances for employees to be motivated because he will job is there as long as he do the work which is expected from him. Therefore he will work hard to do the best possible work, which is obviously beneficial for the business.

Job security does play an important role for the motivation of the employees. Training and Development: This can be described as giving the employees knowledge and providing them with the resources to do the job. Training and development does motivate the staff of the business, for example if the business is giving the books, and all other resources to do the staff to do the higher post job, this will surely make the feel important and valuable to the business. In return they will do the effective job, which is obviously good for the business.

In cases where the need of training and development is not met, the employees feel they need training to use the new software which business have brought into the business, but they are not given any training or resources to learn that software this will surely de-motivate the staff of the business, in return they will not do the effective job, the end result would be business end up losing their customers. It is important for the human resources department to provide necessary resources and training to make the employees do the effective job.

In some cases where employees are not given training, they will leave the job and look for another job, which is providing them the training and resources to reach their full potential. In business it is not easy to recruit the people on regular basis because this cost time as well money, because the business may be using newspaper to advert the vacancy. There are thousand of factors, which can affect the motivation of the employees, but I have described in detail some of the main ones.

What are the Motivation Practices? Motivation is the will to work. This might mean regardless of the job being boring or interesting, there is still the want and the individual motivation to do the work to the best standard possible. Usually individuals will find particular jobs more motivated if they enjoy performing that job, whereas if an employee find that job boring while performing this individual will fell de-motivated doing that job. Motivation plays a very important role at work.

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