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In modern times the truth is about in the middle. The modern nations are very strong believers to their own powers and their trying to develop. We see small countries trying to upgrade their industrial units and how they encourage young men to get involved with business by giving them important benefits. But, also, the same states, even if they believe so much to their potentials, their giving up their national identity in different ways and join into coalitions were national economic politics is shaping under the commands of European Union. By joining in this kind of alliances nations give up everything in order to serve the “General Good”.

Borders do no longer exist in favour of free market, working hands, education, and economic development and for other reasons. In conclusion, it can be very difficult to specify what we mean with the word racialised. Because in modern nations where everything is international and even the politics that is being exercised inside in a country is still under an international agenda then is really hard to show which the differences between the countries are. Furthermore, by opening the borders to everyone, a new kind of immigration has started. The immigrants now are not just workers who came in order to work to the mines and to the factories.

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Now, the new kind of immigrants is people with dreams and ambitions. They can think as their country wherever they live. They don’t have any strong relations with the country that they born and even if they do, they don’t have problems with other foreigners which are in their “mother land”. This is the impact of living abroad. By living abroad they associate with people from different countries, which have different culture and ideas, so their perspectives are wider than anyone else who lives to his country where he born without being to a different country under a new lifestyle.

There is the opinion that by living abroad so can do afterwards the best for your country by applying the ideas that you learned in a different country, in order to see your country to be the best of all the others countries. For that reason someone can be called racialist without this word to have a bad meaning. Everything is being judged under how you want to see it. If someone loves his country where he borne and was the best for her we call him “racist”. But, if this man had lived abroad and then had come back to the country that was born in order to help her to develop, then we call him “man with ambitions and dreams”.

We all have one identity. The identity of that we are human beings. As long as we born and die with the same way, then all of us are equal and similar. New nations are not racialised. All the countries now are multicultural. This is good because through this we can have wider minds and we have the chance to do something for this world who has been tortured from the facial and religious, sometimes, differences that we have. The new generation, is ready to prepare a new, better future for our children by trying to open their minds and hearts to the others. We just have to listen carefully.

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