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We already have a porn industry that may employ people who are currently out of work, should they apply, but should a job offer be refused there is no loss of benefits – acting in a pornographic movie, by the way, is legal as is committing a sexual act for money, however, it is an offence to solicit in a public place or for two prostitutes to operate together in the same place. Are we to assume, then, that one prostitute in a private location, earning a living without soliciting in public, is legal? And, that the government not only tolerates the sex trade but has almost legalised it in the process? It would appear so.

Although prostitution is still classed as illegal in many countries as well as in Britain no attempt is made to fully enforce this and some countries simply turn a blind eye to it. Some countries, however, have accepted the fact that there will always be a market for sex and have made prostitution legal. Desmond Morris who has studied human behaviour and written several best selling books on the subject says, “Despite these difficulties (illegality of prostitution), the worldwide demand for this type of sexual service has never lessened. Even where it is totally illegal it somehow manages to flourish.

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” It is difficult to disagree with this. Maybe prostitution should be made legal simply because trying to eradicate it through prohibition hasn’t worked. Is it not time to try another approach? Should we in Britain not follow the example of other countries such as the Netherlands, Australia and certain states of the USA, and make prostitution safer by fully legalizing it? Certainly Donna M. Hughes doesn’t think so. She claims that, “In the Netherlands, where two thirds of the women are immigrants and one-half of them are trafficked illegal immigrants, legalization has, in fact, increased prostitution and trafficking.

” If this is the case then it is the Dutch government who are to blame. Clearly they have failed in removing the criminal controlling element from the trade. But let us not be too harsh, illegal immigrants are a colossal problem throughout Europe and are working in inhumane conditions in many trades, not just prostitution. As with any legislation there will always be those for it and those against it, however, the issue of legalizing prostitution provokes more than a simple yes or no.

Traditionally there has always been a barrier between sex and commerce, especially in Britain. People view sex as special, with more dignity perhaps, and as a result want to protect it. But there is another more fundamental reason for which, alone, prostitutes will never be accepted in society: Desmond Morris wrote, “Although they provide a valuable sexual service they also encourage pair-bond betrayal, and this will forever cloud their image. ” Maybe so, but isn’t legalization not just about acceptance, more importantly, is it not about protecting prostitutes?

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