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In both of the poems journeys they change, from positive to negative. From happiness and being excited to feeling vulnerable and disappointment. The moods of the woman and boy and atmosphere are changed by the discovery of something new. The woman discovers that nature is not always nice but can be cruel and harsh. She sees the berries as friends, they love her but by the end her mood has changed and she’s not as content. The boy recognizes that nature is horrible and everything dies and nature doesn’t spare anything, all flesh ceases to exist. He sees the blackberries as a cache, a reward. His mood changes after the berries start to rot and their treasure isn’t worth anything, ‘It wasn’t fair’.

As I have mentioned Plath likes to go into more detail about things, she looks at what things mean and how their shapes resemble things. Birds above are like ‘Bits of burnt paper wheeling in a blown sky.’

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Plath write writes in a pensive mood, she is pleased with the time that she has by herself and is grateful for what she has in life. The woman, is very observant and does not have any real goals throughout the poem the only thing she wants is to find the sea, as that is were she was heading from the beginning. The woman has a calm attitude; she does not seem tense or especially worried about anything. She does not see the bad things in life and does not judge objects before she has thought about it. To her even the ugliest things are made positive. The boys in Heany’s poems do have a goal, they want to pick all the berries, and they believe that they will gain something from it.

The last common point I can find between both poems is the subject of Blood. They both talk about how the colours in berries are like ‘summers blood.’ Heany refers to a ‘purple clot’ this is ambiguous it could be seen as a clot of blood or as a clot being a knot, berries being like knots.

Heany carries on his childish theme throughout by introducing references to children stories like Bluebeard and how his hands were sticky with blood. Plath, being more mature, like the berries and sees them more as friends rather than belongings or treasure. She talks about a blood sisterhood, how they have bonded together. When we look more closely into poetry. We can see that two similar poems are completely different, whether the subject be the same or different.

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