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I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to come to England to study for the A level examinations. I studied Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics and Physics at AS level. I have worked hard in class as well as in my own time on subjects which I chose originally both to expand my knowledge and to prepare myself for further study at university. I have got good results in the AS examinations, and at A2 I shall be studying Further Mathematics and Economics.

I particularly enjoy studying Mathematics, and so it was natural that I should choose to take Double Mathematics at A level. My understanding of Mathematics is that it is a subject which combines abstract theory with real life and which supports and helps with all other aspects of working life. Mathematical and statistical models are powerful tools for solving real world problems. I am keen to apply mathematical approaches to my further study of Mathematics and Management at university. A ten year education in China has provided me with a solid basis in the subject. I enjoy the excitement I always gain from solving complicated mathematical problems. Last year I took part in the UK Senior Mathematics Challenge and I was awarded a silver certificate and missed the gold certificate by just three marks.

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In the past year I feel I have progressed well in Economics. I am interested in how factors such as inflation, interest rates and government spending affect macro economics and how such economic changes can have an impact in more general global terms. Micro economics is as interesting to me as macro. It focuses on individual markets and on the allocation of resources. Furthermore, micro economics concentrates on the production process and on competitive issues. Knowledge of these elements will help me to gain a fuller understanding of the workings of complex economic systems. Moreover, I am fascinated by the inter-relationship between micro and macro. I should very much like to strengthen my grasp of economics to reinforce my studies in Mathematics and Management.

It was my father who inspired my desire to study this combined subject. He studied Applied Mathematics and Economics for his masters’ degree and is now running family business in the plastic industry in China. The expectation is that I as a family member will eventually contribute to the business. I remembered that he played Math games with me when I was little, and these sparked my interest in Mathematics.

Outside the classroom I greatly enjoy playing basketball. I play in the 1st basketball team for my school in China. Our team ended in second place in the city basketball tournament in 2006. I will be in charge of my house’s basketball this year. My involvement has helped me to learn a lot about team work and discipline. I am also a member of the school’s Chinese community, which organizes activities during Chinese tradition festivals’ periods for all the Asian pupils in the school.

I see myself as a sociable, positive and optimistic person who derives a great deal of pleasure from my academic work. Indeed I am dedicated to it, but I also enjoy mixing with my friends from varies regions. Studying mathematics and management at university should certainly enrich my life and will, I hope, provide me a strong foundation of a future career. I am thoroughly looking forward to making the most of the opportunities ahead of me at university and beyond. I have researched university courses very carefully and am hoping for offers from my chosen destinations.

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