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Many companies in the local area are relocating to bigger cities with better economic incentives for employees. The relocation of these companies is causing a rippling effect in the community. Many of the high school programs receive funding through local property taxes. With the economy in recession, the funding to the high school programs has declined significantly in the last few years. Finding and retaining good teachers with such a limited budget is difficult. The high school dropout rate within the last two years has risen from 5% to 15%.

As executive director of an organization that provides educational, vocational, and training services to other community members, the high school dropout rate is unacceptable. Children are the future. Implementing a new branch within this organization for high school dropouts that will provide them with the skills necessary to gain meaningful employment will benefit not only the child, but the community as well.

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Young adults who drop out of high school face more challenges in life than those who graduate (Organizational Structure, 2004). According to the Allegiance for Excellence Education “Dropouts from the Class of 2008 alone will cost the nation more than $319 billion in lost wages over the course of their lifetimes” (What are the cost of dropping out of school?, para. 2). The same report states over the course of a high school dropouts’ life he or she will earn around $260,000 less than the average high school graduate (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2009).

Public figures often address the situation and demand more effort to ensure youth receive at minimum a high school diploma. The proposed program fundamental objective is to provide a program designed consistently to meet the challenges of the economy and to fully unit the community at the deepest level by providing vocational and basic skills program to high school dropouts. Clearly many children within the community will not graduate from high school and obtain meaningful employment without the assistance of this new innovative program.

Several internal and external factors determine the functionality of an organization. Each factor is important to ensure optimal function while implementing and continuing this vocational and basic skills program. External factors are the factors that promote better working relationships with clients, funding sources, community involvement, and even local policy and decision makers. These factors are broken down into economic, sociological, technical, and political factors (University of Phoenix, 2002).

The economic factors to consider for this company are funding, competitors, clients, and suppliers. The company has a total of $1.6 million to run this program the first year. See Appendix A following report for the proposed budget on this program. The budget details are later in this report. Currently no other programs for high school dropouts exist in the local community. The targeted population for this program is any child who is currently in dropout status from the local high school under the age of 18. The projected number of eligible students the first year of the program is 1000.

The sociological factors are the needs of the community. As stated previously the economy is in recession. The high school dropout rate is at a high and will continue to rise if the issue is not addressed. Implementing this program will allow these young adults the opportunity to gain essential employment skills. Political and professional factors ensure the program measures up to state and federal regulations. The company currently offers a similar program so policies and regulations are easily met.

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