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“Let me dispute with thee of thy estate.” This is something that Lord Montague does not do for Romeo, due to the lack of communication. Friar Lawrence and Romeo communicate that is why Romeo can seek the qualities of an adequate parent from him. Friar Lawrence tries to calm Romeo down and advises him in his present situation. This shows that they have a good father-son relation ship and that Romeo can trust Friar Lawrence with just about anything. A good parent provides protection for the child this is what Friar Lawrence does for Romeo.

“Arise, one knocks. Good Romeo, hide thyself.” Friar Lawrence protects Romeo from someone knocking on the door, he is scared as he has just killed Tybalt and is still in Verona. Friar Lawrence puts himself on the line, as a good parent would do so for their child under any situation. This is only the Nurse knocking on the door acting as a messenger between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo has one last chance to go and see Juliet the Friar yet again advises him.

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“Therefore love moderately, long love doth so.” This is the most important piece of advice that Friar Lawrence gives to him, telling him not to love too passionately, and to limit it and make it last for a long period of time. This is the advice that a good parent would give, and could have saved this disaster from happening if Romeo had taken the advice. He warns Romeo against haste, this advice would protect him from the disaster of dying.

Friar Lawrence also encourages Romeo to be with Juliet. He hatches a plan for them to see each other, however he falls short in the end, as Romeo does not get the news in time that Juliet has only taken a potion and is not really dead. However, on the whole Friar Lawrence did cope with his role of being an adequate parent towards Romeo. He was in a society that had no faith for love and if Juliet had adequate parenting then maybe this whole disaster would not have occurred.

In conclusion Friar Lawrence coped the best with his role in being an a parent he showed love, affection, gave advice, gave time, had a parental friendship, gave rules, showed consideration of a child’s viewpoint and gave people the ability to mature. He was respected for being knowledgeable and wise. The worst was Lord Capulet, who did not show any of these qualities, he might have cared for Juliet and had a numerous amount of opportunities to show it, but failed to do so.

Romeo and Juliets disaster occurs because of secrets and inadequate parenting. If there had been adequate parenting in a loving society there would be no need of keeping secrets within the two star struck lovers. The two families feuding for generations did not help the matter. Unfortunately society added to the problem of making them keep their passionate love a secret. This is the moral message that Shakespeare tried to show when writing this play; society plays a huge part on our lives. This society in Verona was diseased and was like a worm eating away the centre of a flower, which was this beautiful and passionate love, created by Romeo and Juliet. It does not allow the two lovers from two feuding families to be together. It is like a few years ago when it would be frowned upon to see a black and white couple on the streets. The world is what we make of it, and Shakespeare is trying to say it should not be like this.

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