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E-logistics is an important entrepreneur opportunity is related to the potential opportunity and development of China e-commerce. On the top of the poor transport facilities and potential opportunity of China logistics industry, the rise of e-commerce has opened up an entirely new front in which the Chinese economy must catch up. Although China has a large number of Internet subscribers, its e-commerce is still in its infancy and this indicates that e-commerce has a potential development in China. Developing international e-commerce has been a key initiative of the Chinese governments economic liberalization project. To support this growth in the future, the Chinese government is urging many local businesses — notably state enterprises — to continue to promote e-commerce development.

The potential e-commerce development in China brings an entrepreneur opportunity because the Internet has become an important tool in supply chain management. E-commerce results in a new channel of logistics, which helps companies adjust the entire materials management according to customers’ demand and thus reducing inventory costs substantially. Since business is concerned a lot with cost reduction, and with the increase of awareness and acceptance of e-commence by companies in China, e-logistics will become more and more acceptable to these companies.

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Why the idea is original

We get this idea when we were doing our module of MG 4056 international strategic management. It was about a UK company- SEATCOM moving their production facility to China. We have been asked the issue of how to avoid the long lead-time by the lecturers. And we think that a warehouse distribution centre will solve this problem. Afterwards we further considered this issue; we found it could be an opportunity to establish a professional storage and dispatch service to the companies like SEATCOM.

Our idea is supplied by we understand importance of transport and logistic industry in world economic and we forecast Chinese transport and logistic industry development. Concept of Transport and logistics Transport and logistic is a popular topic and it is an important way to improve efficiency and reduce costs in both traditional and new business. With the development of IT industry, companies realized the potential of the adoption of IT into logistics industry.

Forecast Chinese transport and logistics industry development

Logistics service has become one of the most important industries and a new growth factor for China’s national economy in the 21st century. China’s logistics service as a newly emerging economic sector is now on a basis of rapid progress, which is also backed up the development in this sector around the world. New as it is in China, the logistics service, in many areas of this country, has displayed its enormous potential for faster development in the future.We have all reasons to believe that the China’s logistics service industry will be picking up in its development as the country is witnessing fast development and in-depth reform in the economic system. With an economic status that is being enhanced, China’s logistics service industry will be developed into a new growth factor for the country’s national economy in the 21st century.

All of those points mentioned above are the sources of our idea. What added value or benefits will your idea make to international society? International entrepreneur can make things different, and can add value for the society; we believe our idea can add value to the international society from these parts: Political Help attract foreign investment in creasing capital inflow Increase the Foreign exchange reserve Social Increasing the communicate opportunities between the nations

Improve the relationship between the countries Economic Increase international cooperate opportunities Help manufacture adopt the business process efficiency Technological Increase the use of advanced technologies popularity in China Strategies for introducing acceptance of the idea To implement for introducing acceptance of our idea, we will keep in line with the strategy of reducing unnecessary cost, efficient and reliable. The two important parts of our idea is Investor and Customer. To make our idea accepted by those it targets, we need to prepare a very detail plan of this project for investor, we need to be sure we can answer their questions and persuade them to believe that this project have good opportunity and is less risky.

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