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Organisation Name: Crowne Plaza Hotel Frontline Role: Food and Beverage Assistant Describe the qualifications required: GCSE A-C standard English and Maths, this is essential because you need to be able to simple adding and English is a necessity because you need to be able to read and speak fluent English. To have a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 1 or 2 in customer service you can also have a food safety certificate.

Describe the level of experience in a similar role required: To have a previous experience at least 1 year or 2 year in a quality restaurant or bar. Describe the level of experience in the industry required: N/A Describe the knowledge of goods and services required: To have good knowledge about the Restaurant and other department’s hotels. Describe the level of effectiveness in meeting personal and team targets required: Ensure that you have a high level of effectiveness in meeting personal and targets so that you are happy for the job and show appreciation to the job.

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Describe the level of ability to observe and raise professional standards required: The level of ability should be high because you will need to be able to show individual courtesy to customers for example if there is a bad product on the shelf you tell them immediately and they will get you a better product.

Personal Skills Organisation Name: Frontline Role: Food and Beverage Assistant Describe the amount if patience required: Good interpersonal and customer facing skills, maintain professionalism, display patience and politeness within a busy environment are some of the skills required. Describe the level of hard work required: Candidates must be reliable, flexible and have a ‘can do’ attitude. You must have good attention to detail, ability to work within a close team and also work with minimal supervision.

Describe the level of ability to work as part of a team: Candidates must show the ability to have an excellent work ethic and be part of a team as required. Describe the level of good interpersonal skills required: Interpersonal skills are essential when socialising with colleagues and friends. Interpersonal skills include everything from communication and listening skills to attitude and deportment. Describe the level of cooperation with line managers and colleagues required: Line managers play a vital role in businesses as their duties are to ensure that activities are planned and organised in their area that involve a significant risk to the health and safety of staff. Candidates must cooperate effectively to line managers at all times.

Describe the level of negotiation in seeking agreement with customers required: Negotiation is essential with customers as potential candidates must be able to negotiate with customers effectively and try to provide the best prices as possible to the customer. Describe the attributes you already possess or expect to posess by the end of course: 1. I will develop the habit of meeting deadlines. 2. I will develop my planning skills in order to prioritise myself for my coursework deadlines. 3. I will try to participate in all team/group activities. 4. I will ensure to communicate effectively with my team mates

5. I will try to practice my presentational skills effectively. 6. I will try to develop my patience. 7. I will try to organise myself by bringing the right equipment to lessons. 8. I will time manage my work and try to ensure to hand all coursework in on time. 9. I will ensure to use my essay skills effectively 10. I will ensure problem solving skills are used to the best ability.

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