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Suppliers are the people who supply McDonald’s with raw materials to cook and to serve to the customers. They are interested in the welfare of McDonald’s because the more food McDonald’s sell the more business they will get off them and the more money they will both (McDonald’s and the suppliers) make. McDonald’s pay the suppliers less than half than their profits. Big Macs and Small Suppliers Compared to $13 billion in annual revenue, a $240,000 annual cost reduction seems like a McSavings.

But, this is only the first part of a super-sized e-business initiative at McDonald’s that will allow the foodservice giant to save a significant amount of money and collect valuable customer data. Integrated Solutions, March 2001(an artcle from www. McSpotlight. org) Bankers are interested in the amount of money that McDonald’s borrow off them as they will get that money back plus interest back off McDonald’s. The bankers are interested in McDonald’s because if they borrow 5000 off the bank for Free Gifts or other things needed for the business they will not just pay 5000 back they will pay interest on top of that.

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Trade unions are the people who negotiate with the employer on behalf of the employee to get issues such as long working hours and fair wage improved for the employees. However McDonald’s do not employ workers that are involved with the Trade Unions as they do not want things like long working hours for more money dragged up. “Trade Unionists don’t like McDonald’s either. The company is notorious for the vehemence with which they try to crush any unionisation attempt.

They argue that all their workers are happy and that any problems can be worked out directly without the need for interference from a third party, but are they in fact just desperate to prevent any efforts by the workers to improve wages and conditions? ” (www. McSpotlight. com) Pressure groups are people who are pressurizing McDonald’s to improve their company. They are interested in the how long the workers work for and how much they get for the hours they work. They also are interested in the increase of litter in the local area as well as animal cruelty and how the animals are treated before they are slaughtered.

“McDonald’s enter animal cruelty debate” (www. McSpotlight. org) On the other hand: “As the world’s largest user of beef they are responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of cows per year. In Europe alone they use half a million chickens every week, all from windowless factory farms. All such animals suffer great cruelty during their unnatural, painful and short lives, many being kept inside with no access to fresh air and sunshine, and no freedom of movement”

They are responsible for the destruction of tropical forests to make way for cattle ranching. They annually produce over a million tons of packaging, used for just a few minutes before being discarded. Their record on recycling and recycled products is not as green as they make out. They are responsible for contributing to global warming. (Adapted from www. Mcspotlight. org) “Can any multinational company operating on McDonald’s scale not contribute to global warming, ozone destruction, depletion of mineral resources and the destruction of natural habitats? “

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