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When Unilever China decided to perform the revolution, there was no other choice for them to ‘push’ its business partners to follow its decision. This style of persuasion tended to be effective in the short term. As mentioned before, Unilever had made a great firm decision by itself and it also had met a lot of pressure from the local government and employees. Owing to so many reasons, another manager team had not totally agreed to Unilever. However, they also had no choice; otherwise perhaps they would lose their jobs. So, it is important to analysis what management approach they belong to.

For those people who have been in the environment of planned economy, their management style could be ‘Reactive ; Negative’. On one side, they hope that they could learn more about advanced management theory by working with Unilever. On the other side, because of underlying the bureaucracy situation, they seem to be more likely as passive executors. They attempt to supply some advice about modifying the current circumstances in order to make the business more efficient. However, they always worry about the result could be not as well as their expecting.

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Moreover, in their minds, traditionally they believe that if you have done more, there would be more mistakes; if you have done nothing, there would be no mistake. Findings/Conclusions According to this report, although there have been a few problems which occurred before the two revolutions of Unilever China and maybe could happen in the future, obviously the changes of Unilever China have partly achieved the purpose of Unilever China. However, yet, there are some problem which Unilever China should deal with. For example, how to keep the pleasant relationship with local governments and business partners?

These changes cause many people losing their jobs, although it is due to many sensible reasons such as low growth rate of globe economy and using high technologies. It has led to a lot of complaints from both inside the company and society. For Unilever China itself, it has obtained the current success, but in the long term plan there would be more changes which could happen in the future. However, having a long time successful experience, efficient business management style, using ICT to support its business effectively and more, those could be the important advantages for Unilever China.

In conclusion, in my opinion, these two revolutions could be the useful sample about how the successful company changes its situation in order to fit different local markets. We also could acquire more details of performing the changes in an organisation. In addition, by analysing these changes, perhaps we could understand the reason why Unilever has succeeded in its area for a long time. Simply, it is ‘change’.

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