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Arcadia Group believes in ethical trading and responsible retailing, and it is important and useful that they have many different influential groups that help with their Fashion Footprint work. Fashion Footprint is all about Arcadia committing to be a socially responsible brand, and it is concerned with ethical and environmental issues raised by customers. [S15]It is led by people in senior management roles, and they work to improve strategies and performance every year.

All of Arcadia’s management and employees are its main internal stakeholders, with the rest of its many stakeholders being external. [S16] Arcadia’s employees As the main internal stakeholders, these people are face of Arcadia, all 44,000 of them, and they want to work for an organisation that acts on its values. The employees want to be sure they earn good fair wages in prosperous jobs as well as being able to develop promising careers within their working lives.

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Arcadia works to focus on its employees by training them to work to the best of their abilities, as well as making sure they have full awareness of their ethical policies. [S17] Suppliers, their factories and factory workers Arcadia works closely with its suppliers to ensure they are delivering a trading service that is as ethical as possible and to overcome challenges along the way. Suppliers are in the business of providing companies with products, and so benefit greatly from work with the successful Arcadia Group.

2009 saw the launch of the Code of Conduct Guidebook, as well as many supplier workshops. The Code of Conduct Guidebook is aimed at suppliers and factory managers, to explain how to sufficiently meet Arcadia’s policies about providing safe, fair and legal working environments for all workers. They also increased the number of ‘green’ graded factories, increased the number of Topshop/Topman factories run by the ARC programme, developed a home worker policy, and enhanced factory and audit databases. [S18] Customers

Being a heavily customer-driven business, Arcadia has to continually give its customers the best products and services possible in order to keep succeeding on its mission of providing top, affordable, up-to-date fashion to the high street. Arcadia also makes sure to keep its customers as well informed about its ethical services as possible and also welcomes much feedback from its customers in the form of letters and emails. Customers benefit from having a large choice of fashion stores, from Arcadia alone, of different styles to shop at. Other retailers and brands

Sustainability of the ecology and environment is not a particularly competitive area, so it benefits Arcadia to work with other retailers and brands who are also working on similar projects in relation to ethics. For example, last year, Arcadia received Adidas’ manual, and integrated it into its own Code of Conduct Guidebook. This is a useful method of retaining productivity as well as practising cross-promotion. Trade unions, governments, NGOs, campaigning groups and students Arcadia works hard with these many different groups in its efforts to improve labour conditions for all its workers alike.

[S19] Non-governmental organisations in particular are very important because Arcadia help with projects such as the Self Employed Women’s Association and home workers. Arcadia works with several various campaigning groups to raise awareness of their labour standards. Arcadia also takes university fashion students on work placements to learn more about Arcadia’s ethical trading practices and to help with their projects, and these students in turn build rapport and good records for their CVs and future careers. [S20] Third party service providers

Service providers from third parties are needed for testing products, evaluating supplier factories and shaping thinking about Fashion Footprint. A LOOK AT SMES: LIME CRIME MAKEUP Lime Crime Makeup is a small American company that specialises in producing and selling bright cosmetics internationally for the more creative makeup consumer. Set up by makeup artist, model and former pop star Xenia “Doe Deere” Vorotova, and helped by only three other people employed in her company (including her own husband); Lime Crime is the perfect example of an SME.

Lime Crime sells its products online and ships worldwide, as well as in stores in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Bermuda. Organisational Objectives Lime Crime’s mission statement is simply, to create makeup that is “so bright, it’s illegal! ” – inspired after Doe Deere could not find makeup colours dazzling enough to suit her extravagant tastes. Doe Deere personally believes in people making the best of themselves with confidence and individual expression, and this is reflected in her work for the company and her blog.

As a result, Doe Deere has made quite a name for herself particularly in the online beauty community. Assessor’s comment[S21] Organisational Structure This is a chart of the main organisation. Due to the very small size of this company, Lime Crime isn’t organised by traditional departments, as all of the four workers tend to take on multiple job roles, and the management’s span of control is very narrow. This means that communication across the organisation is relatively easy and straightforward, as there are not many employees to account to. [S22]

The Main Members of the Team and Their Roles Founder, product development and marketing Doe Deere – She had been disappointed by the lack of very bright cosmetics in the beauty market, so much so that she decided to create her own makeup line to cater the makeup needs of herself and other beauty eccentrics. In turn, she founded her company, Lime Crime, in 2008. She works to develop all the cosmetic products, as well as designing the packaging. Her multiple job roles also extend into overall creative direction, modelling, and designing photo shoots.

As well as all this, she also writes her own personal blog, Doe Deere Blogazine, with which she uses to help promote her company, which includes tutorials on how to do different makeup looks with her products. [S23] Customer services, photography and sales Mark – As well as being Doe Deere’s husband, he is also her business partner and fellow multi-tasking worker. He is a photographer, who shoots a large proportion of the photos for Lime Crime’s websites and campaigns. He also reads and answers the entirety of customer emails, as well as working to get Lime Crime products into suitable stores.

He collaborates largely with Doe Deere in marketing, future products, and doing the photo shoots. [S24] Public relations and social media Erica – She deals with developing and maintaining a good public image for Lime Crime. She uses many different media platforms in her job, communicating with bloggers, YouTube users and publications, as well as interacting with users on Facebook and Twitter. She is also the leader of the Lime Crime VIP fan club Team Candyfuture. Brazilian outreach specialist

Fernanda – She is a multi-linguist based in Brazil, and she works to represent Lime Crime in Brazil, a country which has a notably large number of customers of the brand. External Workers Shipping manager Emma – She is not technically part of the Lime Crime Company, but still serves an important role in working for them by organising and maintaining the shipping of their goods to the customers. Since a lot of Lime Crime’s retail operations are done online, she has to regularly organise the shipping of its products to customers worldwide.

The popularity of Lime Crime makes sure that the shipping manager is always busy and always has some abundant work to do. IT and graphics Carlos – Like Emma, he is not a direct employee of Lime Crime either, but his own important job is to help maintain the website and create the graphics for the newsletters. He also designs Lime Crime’s newsletter and website, which is very bright and colourful, to match the personality of Doe Deere and her company. The Lime Crime website regularly needs updating, so he is never short of plenty of work to do. Assessor’s comment[S25] Stakeholders

Since Lime Crime is such a small company, Doe Deere and Mark themselves also take on the additional role of being the only shareholders, as well as the main internal stakeholders. Founder and employees Doe Deere is the founder, and her husband Mark is her business partner, and both take on multiple roles for their small company. Their other two main employees are the PR publicist and the Brazilian outreach specialist. They all make their main income from this business, and therefore the company is as vital to them as they are to it, in making it the success that they want it to be. [S26] Stores selling their products

As well as on Lime Crime’s Official site, its products are sold on other online sites, which are Modcloth. com (USA), Shanalogic. com (USA), Makeup Emporium (Canada), Crushcosmetics. com. au (Australia), and Makeupnet. com. au (Australia). Lime Crime counters also operate in the stores Space NK (USA and UK), Urban Outfitters (Canada), and Chrysalis Cosmetics (Bermuda). All these companies are aiming to increase their own profits, and one way of doing this is working with other growing companies. By adding Lime Crime products to their stores, they all benefit by creating more variety in their store ranges and attracting more customers.

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