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In the last ten years, the employment has started growing, because many people have started working in the tertiary sector. Tesco has employed many people to work for them because many things have improved about tesco, it is because in the last ten years there were some products and services tesco never did. Therefore, now that they have started doing it, they need more employees and more customers to patronize them, so if more customers buy their products and services, they will get more revenue and profit so they will be able to expand.

In the last ten years tesco never did services like Telecommunication, life insurance, house insurance, mortgage, home delivery, tesco credit card, club card, and never used to sell some products like their clothing line “CHEROKEE”, but now they sell all these product and also renders these services quicker, faster and better.

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The wages and salaries tesco used to pay its staffs last 10 years is nothing compare to what they are paying now, because in the last ten years they used to pay their staffs peanuts but now they are paying much more, this is because they want to retain all their staffs because without their staffs there would be no one to sell their products to their customer. In this case, they will not have any customers, they will not have any revenue and profit coming into the business and there would be no way for the business to expand, improve their quality.

Tesco trends are affected by many ways e. g. their competitors like ASDA, SAINSBURY, stakeholders and environmental issues. They always want to sell more than their competitors in other to make more profit, so that their stakeholders and the environment are not affected. This activity is becoming more common because people like shopping. Eating, drinking. More people are now buying things from Tesco. Tesco is getting popular because they are now working faster and efficiently.

Tesco activity has changed over the past few years because in the past few years there were some products and services tesco never sold. In the past years tesco never sold clothes, services like life insurance, house insurance, mortgages, home delivery, tesco credit card, club cards and they also never sold some of the food and drink they sell in this store in the past few years. (For example the EPOS system ELECTRONIC POINT OF SALES) it makes the business aware of the shortage of goods.

DESCRIBE THE PROCESS OF PRODUCING THE PRODUCTS OR PROVIDING THE SERVICES This process is how Abbey grorcies provides it services for customers and the wider community. Most of the products are bought wholesale at cheaper prices. When these products are bought, prices are fixed on the products, displayed on the shelves for the customer and local community to purchase, customers go into the shop, pick whatever products they want, go over to the tills to pay and leave the shop.

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