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In recent years the number of people employed in different activities increases as the, CCE is a service sector so they manufacture and distribute their goods and as they get more jobs they need more people employed in company in different activities. expand every year they need So, if company develop and expand every year like CCE then they need to employ more people. Also as Nike is the service sector same as the CCE it means that they manufacture and distribute their goods so the number of people employed which they need in recent years in different activities also increases as well as in CCE.

One of the reasons is expanding. Functional Areas FUNCTIONAL AREAS WITHIN THE COCA COLA ENTERPRISE The spider diagram below shows the main functional areas of Coca Cola Enterprise. Marketing is the wide range of activities involved in making sure that you’re continuing to meet the needs of your customers and getting value in return. Sales is the exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or its equivalent; the act of selling. The finance in CCE and Nike is responsible for checking the money going in and out of a business.

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If there are problems, action must be taken swiftly. Computers and IT means that financial transaction can be recorded immediately and analyzed. Administration and IT support – Nike and CCE receive information daily, in many different ways. This must be dealt with quickly so that customers and suppliers receive prompt answers. Also Nike and CCE generate its own paperwork which must be stored safely in case it is needed again. Computers are an essential part of many businesses as they are used for many administrative tasks.

For this reason, many, organizations have a section responsible for maintaining the IT system. Service is the non-material equivalent of a good. It is an experience. It is something which is not touchable. Good is something that you can touch it, feel it and see it. Primary sector generally involves the changing process of natural resources into primary products. Most products from this sector are considered raw materials for other industries. Major businesses in this sector include agriculture, agribusiness, fishing, `1 and all mining and quarrying industries.

Secondary sector includes those economic sectors that create a finished, usable product: manufacturing and construction. This sector of industry generally takes the output of the primary sector and manufactures finished goods or products to a point where they are suitable for use by other businesses, for export, or sale to domestic consumers. Service sector is one of the three main industrial categories of a developed economy, the others being the secondary industry (manufacturing), and primary industry (extraction such as mining, agriculture and fishing).

My both businesses CCE and Nike are the service sector because the manufacture their products and also distributing. CCE is a company that sells goods such as bottles, cans. Nike is a company that sells goods such as clothes, trainers, accessories. The main customers of CCE are Retailers – ranging from large multiple supermarkets to corner shops, newsagents and petrol forecourts. Organisations – schools, colleges, hospitals, workplaces, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and cinemas, Wholesalers. The main competitors are companies which as well distribute soft drinks.

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