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The Odeon cinemas are all over the country they are involved in the showing of films and have been sold and bought many times, they sell food and drink in all of the cinemas and they are very popular. They are continually increasing their sale price. The company is a private limited company; the advantage of this is that they area able to sell shares to friends families or people that they want to sell the shares to, although they do not sell their shares on the stock exchange.

This is they way that businesses can raise capital easier. A disadvantage of this is that you have to share much of your profits withy the shareholders. ii. The liability of the owners in the Odeon cinema is limited, this means that they can only lose what they have put in to the company, all of the owners in the company will only lose what they put in to the business this means that if the owners put in the mortgage on their house then if the company go bankrupt then they will lose the mortgage on their house.

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iii. This is a good ownership because the company needs to have a steady income that they can guarantee and selling shares is the best way to do this, but they only sell the shares to the people that they want to sell them to this insures that they only get customers that they can rely on. a) Johnson’s Dry cleaners Ltd, they have stores all over the country, they provide a service to the community. They wash clothes specially.

They are a private limited company, this means that they can sell shares to the people that they want and they are not on the stock market, which means that anybody can buy shares in the company. b) The liability of the owners of Johnson’s Dry Cleaners is limited; this means that owners and shareholders can only lose what they put in to the business. This gives reassurance to the owners. c) The ownership that they chose was good because the company is as large firm, but they do not want to sell, shares to anybody. They will also then have a steady income, like the Odeon.

By steady I mean that they can sell shares out when they need to. P2, M1 The different sectors are; The primary sector, this is the sector that not many people want to work in any more, the jobs in this sector include jobs like coal mining. This involves in physical activity from the worker and nowadays people do not want to do this so they are moving to a tertiary sector this is because the work is a lot easier and the pay is a lot better. In the last few years the primary is sector is slowly going down in the percentage of people that work in that area.

As you can see by the graph the sector in the primary is going down, this is the same in the secondary area, but in the tertiary area the percentage has gone up by a lot. Both of my businesses are in the tertiary sector this means that the company’s will hopefully grow because more people want to come and work in this area, this means that if this carries on then the tertiary sector will be overcome by people that want to work in that area, this means that more business will open in this area, meaning that companies in this sector will need to survive.

This means that the company may either die or they may expand. In the Odeon, which is in the tertiary sector more staff are being employed every year, this is because the Odeon is tertiary so more people want to work in that area, this is why the company is expanding. But not only that but more and more people are watching films in the cinema as they can watch them before they come out on dvd/vhs. Also the atmosphere is so much better. You can go with friends/family/girl/boy friends.

Whereas in the Johnson’s dry cleaners they are also in the tertiary sector, but they deliver a totally different service, they take in clothes that are to be specially cleaned. They take in clothes like, weeding suits/dresses, leathers that are to be specially cleaned and, many other items. It may not sound like a luxurious job but it is a growing business. This is because people now want to buy to range suits that they cannot wash at home and need dry cleaning, and it is also because the sector is growing, so the company needs to grow to stay alive.

If the company did not grow then they would die. P3 The Odeon’s main activities are to screen films in large multi-screen complexes; they also sell food to eat in the Odeon cinemas while you watch the film. You are also allowed to take in your own food, but they prefer if you do not take in your own cooked meals as they stink out the cinema complex. They do this by attracting attention from the general public, by using the television; they also use their web site to also attract customers.

Purchasing films from different companies for example Paramount, 20th century fox, Warner bros, and many others, with these films thay have to buy rights to screen the film to the public, is the way the activities are carried out in the Odeon. The Odeon is as I mentioned earlier is in the tertiary sector and this industrial sector has increased in size due to the money that is paid to the staff, so more people want to come and work in this sector because of the pay and the work is so much easier.

Over the years that the Odeon has been around the attendance of the customers has grow to a massive 140million a year. The main activities of the Johnson’s dry cleaners are to attract customers to get their clothes specially cleaned in a special shop. They take clothes in and they offer a quick and effective cleaning service. This industrial sector ids the same as the Odeon so the statistics are very much the same.

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