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The Australian Veterinary Poultry Association would assist Lenards by providing quality services to the members and the community and ensuring the safety of all products of raw meat. By attending few of the activities and events would also be of assistances. The Australian Chicken Meat Federation would be of a great influence towards communities such as Lenards because they are responsible for the promotion and protection of the interests of the chicken meat industry.

They supply the consumers at Lenards with the requirements of cuts of chicken meat, storage and handling, recipes, nutrition, consumption statistics, hormones, antibiotics and growth promotants and genetically modified organisms. What must be done to maintain the business networks? For Lenards to maintain these business networks they firstly need to sustain good relationships and follow many of the procedures involved in the codes of conducts by each of the networks.

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Some requirements the Australian Marketing Institute include members to conduct their professional activities with respect for the public interest, act with integrity in dealing with clients or employers, past and present, with their fellow members and with the general public, members are not to intentionally disseminate false and misleading information, whether written, spoken or implied nor conceal any relevant fact.

They have a duty to maintain truth, accuracy and good taste in advertising, sales promotion and all other aspects of marketing, help to improve the body of knowledge of the profession by exchanging information and experience with fellow members and by applying their special skill and training for the benefit of others, and other requirements such as these. Members of the Australian Veterinary Poultry Association are required to contribute funds that help defray costs of services, and show active interest and support.

Lenard’s organisations are required to frequently communicate with the organisation of the Australian Chicken Meat Federation as they are required to supply to Lenards weekly. Ways in which my organisation can be promoted through these business networks “The key to increasing your sales coverage is getting to know as many people as possible who may have an interest in your product or know of people who do and informing them of who you are and what you do. ” (Bednarz, 2003).

Lenards need to distribute a good presentation and publication to all members in the networks also making continuous and effective communication with the business networks and the members. Lenards should also conduct continuous and effective communication methods with the business networks and the members to promote its name and products, also by showing strong interest in the activities of these three vital business networks mentioned above by getting effectively involved in the business networks programs.

This can be done by encouraging employees and managers to attend the various functions that these business networks conduct for the interest of the community and members. It is essential that members show interest by attending events, such as conferences, etc. This will assist to expand relationships and obtain the opportunity to recognize more networks. Ways in which I would promote the potential benefits of new business networks to my colleagues Effective communication is the best tool to promote new ideas and potential benefits for colleagues to join new business networks.

Methods like producing talks and presentations and carrying out studies on the new business networks to find the advantages in them. Carrying out market researching and studying market development in new business networking helps develop a better understanding about the new business networks hence one can provide a better picture to colleagues and friends of what is happening in the market place. Therefore it is concluded that it is essential for a business to have connections with networks.


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