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The Finance department deals with accounts and finance. The accounts department must keep individual records of all money paid into the business and out. Once the reports have been finalised a balance sheet and a profit and loss account is Analysed at many times of the year. By doing this it shows the business how well they are performing in terms of income and expenditure and if they are keeping up with there budget. There also two other departments which are divided, which are called Financial accounting function and Management accounting function. The Financial accounting function is responsible for keeping the records for e.g. money paid in to the business and gone out.( e.g. employees, payments etc).

The Management accounting function is the improvements which could be done to the business for e.g. once Vodafone has Analysed a balance sheet or profit or loss account it will notice where its weaknesses are therefore they will need to improve it for example selling a Vodafone’s own brand phone if no one buys it you may need to introduce a new product through research and development. or decreases the price of the phone.

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This department interrelate with the objectives. The 1st objective was ‘Maximise profits’ and the 2nd objective was ‘To survive’. These to objectives interrelate with the finance department because, in order to find out if they are maximising profits the finance department has to see how much money is coming in and out of the business. The finance accounting department deals with this function. To find out if Vodafone is surviving you have to produce a profit and loss account this will help decide weather Vodafone is surviving in the market for mobile phones. The management accounting function deals with this function.

In order to survive and maximise profits for the finance department they must increase its market share and at time to time produce the profit and loss account for the large varieties of each product weather to see if it is making profit or loss and if it is not making profit then they should carry out research and development or drop prices to maximise sales and profits. But this could also depend upon the quality of the product if they have good quality products then it will sell if not then product is loss making.

Vodafone tries to provide the best working environment for its finance department as they provide many befits. If they did not provide theses benefits Vodafone will no t have any workers, this would mean Vodafone are not making profit in the competing market due to there poor quality products. The production department: The directors of Vodafone have to makes sure the raw materials for example a phone, it has to be turned into a finished product which is the phone and its contents inside. Also the director has to make sure the final result of the product is at a quality standard.

The manufacturing of phones is split up in to a number of sections which are: – Production and Planning department: Vodafone will set targets to produce the product at a great quality. So Vodafone does this by having special staff to check the final product thoroughly and to see if it works or has any problems if it does then they will have to overcome the problem – Purchasing department: this department focuses on making sure that the raw materials are provided in order to produce the product. Vodafone also makes sure the machinery is working functionally so that there are no errors in the process of making.

– Design and Technical support: this department bringing new products through research and development and prototypes this helps the firm to make profit and by bringing new products and offers helps new customers to join the tariff. By bringing new products in to the market it has to be shown and tested to people. By showing people they will tell the company weather they like the product or not this could help them to make improvements.

– The works department : this department focuses on manufacturing of the product and quality control has to be carried out in order to achieve the product at its best quality. Once the product is made they should be inspected by specially employed staff at Vodafone to check the quality if it does not satisfy the inspectors they may need to check the machinery or the labour force. Once they have inspected the machinery and seen how the workers work they may give suggestions of improvements.

This department interrelates with the objectives. The main objective which interrelates with this department is the 6th objective which is to provide and sell high quality products to its suppliers to reach to its customers in a good condition. Vodafone has to make sure the final product is at a high quality. The production and planning department also interrelates into this department, because this department makes sure that the product is made to its highest possible quality and to maximise profits and survive the 2nd department which is the purchasing department interrelates into this. This makes sure that the correct raw materials are being used, and during the production process no errors have occurred therefore machinery should be checked regularly.

The 3rd department is the design and technical support the objective which interrelates with this is the increase in market share because this department concentrates in making a profit by bringing in new products also another objective interrelates into this department which is the selling of high quality products. This department makes sure that research and development is carried out thoroughly and that once the product is bought into the market it should sell well therefore it should maximise profits.

The 4t department is the works department this focuses on producing the product at a high stranded and that the quality should be checked by inspectors. The objectives which interrelates into this department is the extra after sales service because, as the product is being checked thoroughly by inspectors there should be no errors therefore the after sales service would not have much problems to deal with.

Human Resources Department: This is protected by a number of roles of improvements here are the roles: – Policy making role: This is a policy that covers the premises and the importance of its employees within the organisation – Welfare role: This the looking after the people at work and there needs which means providing employees with pension schemes. – Supporting role: this is when you help other function managers to develop work – Administration: These are many law to be undertaken for example health and safety, it also involve payments, wages and supervision of employees.

The human resources department also is responsible for hiring and firing employees. Also it is responsible for staff training and dealing with matters relating to industrial relations. It also keeps records of staff and man powering planing This department interrelates with many of Vodafones objectives. The policy making role of Vodafone interrelates with the 4th objective which is ‘providing a good working environment for its workers as this covers the premises as it has an importance of its employees. The welfare role and administration role interrelate into this because this role provides benefits. Which means workers are more motivated which means better quality products with less errors which means maximising profits as products are high quality more products being produced with less error. This means, that more products are being sold. This means Vodafone will have a good reputation as customers will like there products which leads to the 2nd objective which is surviving into the competitive market.

As the workers are motivated, Vodafone’s brings new products into the market. These workers are not being demotivated infact they are being motivated because Vodafone are always bringing new products into the market which means every time a new product comes into the market the workers have a different specification of a job role. Therefore Vodafone’s products are at a high quality. This also shows that Vodafone is providing a good working environment for its workers as they are being motivated. The after sales service of Vodafone do not have much queries to deal with because of high quality mobiles and due to 99% coverage. Vodafone also provides a good service to its community as they are providing jobs to the local community which means they can have a better standard of living.

Marketing department: In order for Vodafone to satisfy its customer requirements it should carry out provide there products at a certain price which customers are able to afford and Vodafone are able to maintain a profit. Vodafone also has to advertise its products, by advertising offers, these offers could include a free phone, with free minutes and phone accessories (which could include, Hands free kit, leather case, in car charger) by giving away free accessories and packages more people will be attracted to buy the product as it could have better value for money.

They could also carry out a survey in the need of customer requirement for example how they would like there phone to be like which could be what type of functions do you require. This department also uses a number of methods/ techniques for example telephone sales they do this in order to aware people of new phones and offers. They also send out mails in the same way in which they do by telephone sales. By doing this Vodafone are persuading more people to buy there products. The objectives interrelate with the department. To maximise profits, survive, increase market share, sell high quality products and provide an after sales service.

Vodafone tries to provide products and services at the right price which people can afford which means they try to sell cheap mobile phones to people who are not so rich and expensive mobiles to the people who are rich. This is how they survive in the competitive market, by maintaining profit. Vodafone also sell a wide variety of its products for example there own brand mobiles along with the leading brands such as Nokia and Sony. This is how they increase there market share. Vodafone sells high quality products. They advertise there product and service and sometimes they give away free accessories in order to keep the customer satisfied and Vodafone to increase sales and to maximise profits.

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