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Antony feels that if he loses his honour then he has lost everything and that there is nothing left for him. This shows the audience that Antony’s reputation is very important to him and that he could never lose it otherwise he will lose all of his honour and will never be respected again. This is another one of Antony’s flaws as he maybe cares slightly too much about his reputation and that could cloud his better judgement. Whilst Octavia has gone to visit her brother, Antony goes back to Egypt to be with Cleopatra.

While he is there he publicly announces that he is giving certain countries to his sons, which is very humiliating to Caesar. Antony will know that this will upset Caesar so this shows Antony being very provoking. During the lead up to the war between Antony and Caesar, Antony and Canidius are talking about why Antony is fighting by sea not land, and Canidius says “Why will my lord do so? ” Antony then replies “For that he dares us to’t. ” Here Canidius is asking Antony why he is prepared to fight at sea when he knows he is better at fighting in land and Antony says the reason he is preparing to fight at sea is because Caesar dared him to.

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This shows Antony as being childlike and he is acting like a reckless little boy to once again keep his reputation intact. Also during the lead up to the war between Antony and Caesar, Antony is talking to his men about fighting at sea and he says “But if we fail, we then can do’t at land. ” Here Antony is showing the audience that he has doubts himself about Caesar at sea. This is another huge flawed because Antony is portrayed as this amazing solider and a hero and yet he has huge doubts in whether he can fight Caesar at sea and win.

Whilst the debate about sea or land is still continuing, a solider enters and says to Antony “O noble emperor, do not fight by sea. ” The soldier does not think Antony should fight at sea as he fears the same as Antony that they will lose. Antony gets quite defensive and embarrassed by these doubts a solider has about supposedly the greatest soldier in the world and he simply says to the soldier “Well, well; away! ” Antony is just telling the soldier to leave and that he doesn’t want to hear the soldier’s opinion.

The battle then takes place and the audiences finds out that Cleopatra runs away from the battle and Antony follows her. At first the audience does not know if this is because he is scared or that he is chasing Cleopatra to see if she is okay but either way it causes a huge impact on Antony’s reputation because if he is scared then it shows the audience that he is not the warrior he has been portrayed as and if he is going after Cleopatra then it shows the audience that he again is not such a great hero as he cares more about Cleopatra than winning the battle and keeping his reputation intact.

The audience then find out that Antony did leave to follow Cleopatra as his says to his men “I followed that I blush to look upon. My very hairs do mutiny, for the white Reprove the brown for rashness, and they Them for fear and doting. ” This is him saying that he turned from fear and love. The audience also find out here that Antony is very ashamed of what he has done as he also says to his men “I have a ship laden with gold; Take that; divide it. Fly, And make your peace with Caesar. ”

Here he tells his men to share out the gold he has in his ship and go and join Caesar. The audience then find out that Antony’s men are very loyal as they say “Fly? Not we. ” To this Antony replies “I have fled myself. ” This shows the audience that Antony knows what he has done and is very ashamed. The audience can also see that Antony is trying to make it right by telling his men to leave him as he now sees himself as a coward and thinks that his men deserve to be on Caesar’s side as he is the greatest soldier.

Antony also says to his men “I have lost my way for ever. ” Antony feels that he has lost his reputation and lost the honour to be known as the world’s greatest soldier. The audience then find out that Antony is so ashamed that he is possibly thinking about causing his own death as he says “I have myself resolved upon a course Which has no need of you. ” Here he is saying that he has decided his future and it has no place and no need for his men which suggests that he wants to commit suicide.

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