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Know i will use screenshots to prove whether the tests above were correct. The first screenshot below demonstrates that undercoat additional was included into the total price: The following screenshot below shows, when the total area button is clicked, it then displays the area of the room in the label next to it: The following screenshot shows when the cost button is clicked the label should then display the cost to decorate the room in pounds  The following three screenshots will show when either of the radio buttons is clicked, it gets included into the total price label to decorate the room:

1st screenshot: ECONOMY 0.45 PER SQUARE METRE 2nd screenshot: STANDARD 1.00 PER SQUARE METRE 3rd screenshot: LUXURY 1.75 PER SQUARE METRE The following screenshot below shows the error message that is shown when a number is entered that is not between the range set. Evaluation of interior decorator programme: In this part of the assignment I will create a user document that will review my experiences that I faced whilst creating the interior design application.

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The first problem I faced with my application was with the Total area button, when the user pressed the button. The label should have had displayed the number with square meter written next to it but instead it displayed it as a number on its own witch for someone else would be confusing. I overcame this problem by changing the programming from this: Label6.Text = Area To this: Label6.Text = Area & ” Square Meters”

Which made this difference, as you can now see the square meter is visible: Another problem that I had faced with my application/program was with the checkbox that i had created. The check box was supposed be have included in the total price however I did not include it into my application/program. I then managed to solve this problem by adding the following to the programme/code. If chkUndercoat.Checked = True Then cost = cost * 0.5 + cost Else cost = cost

This would become a big problem because if the user would like to know how much it costs to have an undercoat in the room, the user would not know the additional price as the under coat check box was not built-in in the application/programme. For the final part of this task I will know give an evaluation and include any improvements that I can make it more attractive. The application that I have created is sort of appealing to users because of its layout and background pictures. I think the application doesn’t have that extra spark in it as the text used in the programme is plain and does not stand out from the application, instead should’ve tried different colour text/font etc.

Another mistake i made was not putting in a cm/metres text into the height and width text boxes, this made the boxes look a bit plain, next time if i got the chance, i would insert a cm/metre text into the height and width textbox. Since evaluating my application I have come up with the following conclusion. The application/programme is plain in some areas and good in some but if i got another chance to make any more extra changes again, i would make the following changes: Change the text fonts and colour to make the text stand out on the application. Insert a cm/metre text into the height and width textbox.

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