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Many students in games lessons don’t not always participate; this is normally because they do not believe they have the ability to perform well or they are shy to do so in front of people. If some one is constantly encouraged to do some thing there self steam will grow and they will not feel shy to take part. It is key to reassure students of their ability and to get them involved and not let them sit out. We need to raise self steam and give the students a feel good factor towards sport and participating at every thing.

Even if some students are weak at a sport you still need get them involved, you can do this by asking the strong members of the group to show them. By getting the involved you are raising their personal standard and giving them a positive attitude towards sport. If this is taught at a young age it will stay with them thought out the years at school. This is the results for the PE GCSE results for the whole of England, they show that half got A-C and half got D-U. To improve this to 70% A-C we have to show students the importance of good values and ethics. This will make them better sportsmen and women and will give them the ability to succeed in sport and achieve good results. When good ethics and values are drummed in to students it will show in the results in their GCSE results. This will also cause good press for your school and more parents will want their students to attend your school.

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This may also attract sponsorship for your PE department if your school GCSE results are high. Another benefit to having good GCSE grades from good ethics and values from your school is will show that the school is hardworking and recruiting may become easier. When good ethics and values are shown through high PE GCSE results this can cause attention to sponsor’s. For example Barnwell School in Stevenage Herts was sponsored by Sports England in 1997. This was for there wide range of extra curricular and sports activities. This is a good ethic and value because the school offered all sports to every one; this showed that the school were firm believers in equality which is a respectable value to have.

This also showed Sports England that sport was taught properly at Barnwell and that the right equipment was used. Therefore they were sponsored by Sport England and have received free equipment and better facilities such as there gym, which is also available to the public. This makes teaching easier and students feel safer because they are using the right equipment. The school is consistently very popular and heavily oversubscribed. Student numbers have grown rapidly over recent years and for the past four years the school has agreed with the local authority to take over its admission number which is already a 150 in to Year 7.

Being sponsored by Sport England is not the main reason for being allowed to admission more students but it does play a factor. Parents want to send there children to schools that are recognised by respectable companies such as Sport England. By promoting good ethics and values it will increase your schools chances of sponsorship, which will then possibly increase the number of students you are able to accept. By your school promoting Ethics and Values to children it will teach them to be better sportsmen and women and avoid gamesmanship.

It will also develop them as better person. If children are not aware about the rules of sports and consequences of their actions, they will never be able to play fair and playing fair is the main aspect of sport. Sport should be enjoyable and children should be taught that it isn’t always the physical they need to know. They need to be aware of the rules and abide by them for every one to enjoy the game or sport. If every school done this, then GCSE grades would increase, teaching environments would become easier and students would find lessons more knowledgeable and enjoyable. This would be because students will be fully aware of what is expected of them by having good ethics and values. Discrimination against students in schools will become scarcer, because equality would have been drummed in to the students. Ethics and values effects the way sport is taught but it also makes the students better people and in some cases more mature.

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