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This is a plan to revamp Britain’s tourist image and the ‘Made in Britain’ image. The plan will revolve around a new poster campaign that is mainly aimed at attracting a younger generation of visitors and foreign business investors into Britain. Britain still seems to have the stigma attached to it of being old fashioned and very traditional. This has somewhat changed over the years so I need to get across to our potential new visitors and foreign business investors that Britain is now an up and coming great place to visit and invest into.

Corporate and marketing objectives The objective of this plan is to create a new image for Britain, which needs to attract an increased amount of younger generation visitors and an increased amount of foreign business investors.

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Marketing strategy

To achieve the objective of this plan I am going to design two different posters. One poster will be to demonstrate how fun and exciting Britain is now to attract a younger generation of visitors into Britain and the other poster will be to demonstrate to potential foreign business investors what we now have to offer them. There could possibly be some issues that may deter these potential new visitors from Britain, they could be things like for example, the London bombing, Foot and Mouth and Mad Cow’s Disease. Unfortunately these types of incidents are out of our control and will have an adverse affect on the tourism industry for Britain.

To ascertain what images I should be using on my poster to promote Britain to the younger generation, I will need to carry out Primary Market research. Using a questionnaire, I shall ask 10 people my questions and then analyse the results to give me an idea of what images to use on my poster. I have carried out my questionnaire and the information I got back from it was, 80% of people had been to or wanted to go to theme parks; 40% of people had been to or wanted to go to places of history around Britain and 60% of people had been to or wanted to go to London attractions. Using this information I have decided to use images of theme parks and London attractions on my poster.

For the poster aimed at increasing the amount of foreign business investors, I am going to look on the Internet to see which are the top 10 British companies. From that information I can then ascertain what images I can use for this poster. After looking on the Internet I have found out that, BP, Tesco, HSBC, Rio Tinto, J. Sainsbury, British Airways, Diageo, Vodafone, Royal Bank of Scotland and Alliance Unichem, are the top 10 most admired British companies in Britain. Using this information I shall incorporate these companies into my poster.

The implications of applying this new mix could be that the rides featured in the tourist poster may either no longer exist or maybe moved to another theme park and also the London attractions featured in the poster may no longer exist in the future. They may also change their image, therefore making the images on my poster out of date. On the investment poster where I have used the world’s most admired British top 10 companies, this top ten list may change in the near future again therefore making this poster out of date as well.

Action plans

The places that I shall put up the posters advertising British attractions will be, foreign airports, British airports, Tourist Information outlets, foreign travel agents, train stations and Euro Star both ends and in the actual Euro Star trains. The places that I shall put up the posters advertising British companies to potential new foreign business investors will be, foreign banks, foreign bank houses, foreign investment houses and on investment internet pages.

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