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Rush Limbaugh’s website may not be intended for all age groups, specifically young college students who frequent the internet most. The reason is many of these college students today are not familiar with Rush Limbaugh and his conservative ideas. However, the website itself can described as effective in several aspects. It displays Limbaugh’s purpose clearly, captures the audience’s attention, uses a tone directed to the intended audience, and has a somewhat efficient design.

This paper describes the website’s purpose, tone and design for its intended audience and also how the site affects those viewers. Purpose and Audience The primary purpose of this website is twofold: to get Limbaugh’s point across to the conservatives and non-conservative political savvy people of America and to make money. Limbaugh’s argument is many; he argues for whatever conservatives want at the time. He especially wants liberals to continue to cringe as he talks loud about the issues that are very right winged or republican.

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It is a site that supplements his radio and television talks and uses the same platform – offering information to the public simply to get a response. He tells viewers “if you miss the television show you can listen to it commercial free. ” While Limbaugh claims to care about the current war in Iraq by the information displayed, he offers more information about his television show and radio show than the war itself. Most of the links displayed are advertisements for his book or invitations to watch his television show.

Limbaugh knows that his audience will want more; so, he offers a link that tells how to become a member – “pay $6. 95 a month. ” On the other hand, Limbaugh maintains his concern about the war on Iraq to keep his audience’s attention presenting some information about the war. Because the war on Iraq is the hot topic and every one it talking about it, Limbaugh must use this topic to reel in his audience. While the conservatives cheer for the troops and the president, the liberals rally in opposition of war in general. Tone Limbaugh’s web page aims at a political savvy audience.

His tone is effective, as he understands that the Democratic beliefs and values differ from those of the conservative American but all audiences will continue to listen because they want to argue their views. For example, democrats were pretty much against the war and Limbaugh’s page is filled with topics about the war and its importance to our nation. Limbaugh literally sets the tone for his conservative audience members. These are his best supporters and they see him as an authority in his field and credible in his political stance.

He uses political graphics and photos to imply that these people, like the president, think in the same way that Rush Limbaugh does and therefore support his views. He is especially giving to his audiences. He makes all current news available through all types of media. For example, most of the news topics on his page offer three or four sentences, then suggest the links to get the details and audio versions of the material. The audience is most affected by this. It is hard to not open the article details regardless of which side the viewer represents.

Design The design and format of the site is extra crowded but seems effective for Limbaugh’s purpose. On the left side of the page displays a picture of Limbaugh. This seems very cocky and the look on his face displays his overconfidence, but his listeners and viewers expect this from him and nothing else. A change from him could mean a decrease in viewers or listeners. Displaying his picture and other items like the menu on the left hand side is effective because it is the first place that the eyes look, as we read from left to right.

In addition, most of the important information is in larger print and less important material is in smaller print. Although the front web page seems overcrowded, the colors help the eyes contrast the text, point sizes, photos, etc. Dark colors are used the most to make certain things stand out more than others. Light or shaded blues, yellow, and red are used for contrast and to help the audience follow links and find specific information. For example, the links on his page are basically the same color. Regular viewers become familiar with the format and design and know exactly where to find certain information.

Conclusion Even college students today who know the least about Rush Limbaugh will probably find the overall website most effective. Some of Limbaugh’s political points and arguments can strike a nerve in even the less savvy student. He definitely keeps the audience’s interests through his loud tone (audio and text) and abundance of information and topics. And, while the design can be exhausting to the viewer, the colors, fonts, and other formatting strategies help the make the website readable and easy to browse.

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