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From a seller’s prospective, Ebay offers an online auction or direct sale to consumers that receives large volumes of traffic from all over the world. Through the ‘My Ebay’ tool, sellers are able to easily monitor all current items in a single location. There are practical tools that make the selling experience both organized and efficient by generating e-mails notifying both end of auction and payment options. Sellers are able to indicate their preferred payment and shipping options. Ebay also offers sellers the opportunity to customize their individual auction pages with pictures, text, style, etc.

From the customer prospective, Ebay offers a secure, reputable online buying experience with a vast collection of products that far surpasses anything offered in a single store, mall, flea market, etc. The customer is able to perform a basic or advanced search to look at products that meet their criteria. Ebay offers customers the opportunity to either bid or buy items of various genres from all over the world. As an added level of security, Ebay offers a rating and feedback service so that potential customers can gauge the online seller reputation from other Ebay users. This feedback system helps deter fraudulent activity and gives the buyer an added level of comfort when using the service. The customer is also able to track and watch items that they mark and bid on via the ‘My Ebay’ service. The system will also generate an automatic e-mail when bidders have been outbid on a product to keep the consumer informed and also promote the seller’s item.

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The site offers both buyers and sellers a forum to trade. Ebay benefits from offering this service by collecting a percentage of the sale, listing fees, and promotion of other businesses that coincide with online trading like Paypal. Regardless of whether the items sell or not, Ebay’s business model generates profits by charging for both listing and selling price. The buyer mostly benefits from this model since the listing fee, selling fee, and even the Paypal collection fee is paid by the seller. Ebay has a global presence and has built itself into a brand name that doesn’t require major advertising since this trading community is well-known in the open marketplace.

The Internal Revenue Service is viewed by many as the most feared government agency to deal with since the issue of tax and financial documentation is extremely important. The IRS has extended its services to the internet to give people, businesses, charities, non-profit organizations, Tax professionals, and other government entities a place to quickly retrieve information and critical tax related forms. The internet provides the IRS with a fixed platform where various interested parties can go to retrieve critical documents, find information on changes to tax code, and submit tax claims via the eFile utility.

The site offers various services to make document search more user friendly with a search function and a Spanish translated version. The users of the site benefit by retrieving accurate government information and documents in a single resource. The IRS benefits by reducing the volume of inquiries to the actual offices about the documents and other information that is available on the site.


All of these eBusiness models serve to inform and engage the target audience and provide an added level of efficiency to the business, seller, or agency. The provider of the internet site has a particular agenda whether to promote or inform and these site provide around the clock access to this information. The sites offer information on product offerings but also corporate or agency information like employment opportunities. In each case, the site serves to improve efficiencies within the firm to market their particular offerings.

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