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The administration department and the marketing department would interact with each other because the administration department would be asked to carry out support tasks by the marketing department to help them carry out their roles more effectively. These tasks will consist of writing letters, sending e-mails and making phone calls. The marketing department will conduct field market research which will involve performing surveys, phoning customers etc. The marketing department will work alongside the administration department by asking them to survey a sample of the public by making phone calls to existing customers, sending out surveys, questionnaires and also making/printing the surveys and questionnaires. For example if Walkers wanted to know what the publics’ favourite flavour is or what should the next new flavour be? Administration will create the questionnaires and send them out.

Another task the marketing department could ask the administration department to carry out is to post letters and other documents. For example when the marketing department make a purchase and fill out a purchase order they can ask the administration department to put a stamp and the recipients address on the envelope and then send it off. The administration department can also show the financial documents to the finance department before sending it off e.g. purchase orders, invoices, receipts, credit etc.

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The marketing department will also ask the administration department to type up the collected results from their market research. This way the results will be easily displayed and can show customers the results of their market research. Administration will also collect, distribute and dispatch all mail for the marketing department. If the marketing have large volumes of mail, containing complaints, documents etc. the administration will store and retrieve any mail for the marketing department, written or electronic. The administration department will respond to many enquiries on behalf of the marketing department. For example if a customer files a complaint about a faulty product, the administration department will pass on the message and respond to the customers queries. The marketing department will then repair any faults with the product and re-release the product back into the market.

If the marketing manager needed a presentation briefing the entire marketing department about the new campaign he/she could ask the administration department to create the presentation, saving the manager a lot of time. The administration department would also take messages, send messages e.g. email and purchase supplies for the marketing department if they are running low e.g. office stationary, equipment. If the head of marketing had a conference or a meeting, the administration department would arrange a time and organize the schedule to make it more convenient for the marketing department. The administration department will work with the marketing department by also sending out promotional materials for the marketing department to help attract and inform customers. For example, if the marketing department wanted to send out promotional flyers, e-mails, catalogues or leaflets etc. The administration can send it out for them. This saves a lot of time for the marketing department and keep the businesses operations running smoothly.


Information and communication technology (ICT) plays a major role in customer satisfaction and keeps businesses systems and operations flowing. Without ICT it will be very difficult for businesses to operate and become successful. The ICT department and the marketing department work together by the ICT department specialists providing crucial updates in software and technology which could benefit the marketing department. The ICT department will also recommend up to date software and hardware for the marketing department to help them carry out their roles more efficiently and effectively. If the marketing department also had a problem with any new software or their intranet connections, they would ask for assistance from the ICT department, the ICT department would then come and repair the fault and inform the marketing department of the problem. If the marketing purchased new graphic software or any new advertising software the ICT department can be called to help install the software, provide any required training to those employees who find it difficult to use all the features of the software and provide any additional information and instructions.

The ICT department will be called upon to repair any damages in computer systems and will issue any required equipment, such as mousse, wires, keyboards, memory sticks, hard drives etc. if the marketing department struggle to use any of the equipment the ICT department will also provide advice and instructions. During the production and creation of a marketing campaign the data will need to be backed up and stored, the marketing department will save the work but the ICT department will back-up all the critical data just in case of an emergency. This allows all the important data to be retrieved in case there is a virus in the system or incase the marketing department lose their work. Both departments also work together if the market department carried out market research and wanted to post the results on the company website, allowing the customers to view the results, they would work alongside the ICT department to check the layout, information and ensure it looks professional.

Also, if the marketing department created a new marketing campaign or a sales promotion and wanted to advertise it on the company website, they would ask the ICT department for assistance. The marketing department will also pass on information, products and images over to the ICT department to put onto the website and advertise, after the ICT department has added the required information the marketing department will come and check everything is in order and the correct images, colours, layout and information has been used. The ICT department will also promote products and services online for the marketing department. For example, the marketing department will inform the ICT department on what information, slogans and pictures to use and the ICT department will put the promotions on-line to help boost sales and profits. The advantages of this are that it will increase on-line sales and will increase market share because some customers enjoy shopping from home and via the internet.

The human resources department is responsible for recruiting, training and the development of staff. The human resources department is also responsible for the working conditions, health and safety in the workplace, promotion and employee organizations/unions. The human resources department ensures that adequate staff is recruited and trained effectively according to their position. The humans resources department and the marketing department will work together by communicating and discussing the types of employees needed for certain positions. For example, if the marketing department needed new staff, they would contact the human resources department and inform them of what type of employee they are looking for. The human resources department will then create ads and specifications and display them all over the city, advertising the job role.

The human resources department will be responsible for the interviews and the whole recruitment process. The human resources department may also contact the marketing manager to participate in an interview to ask a few questions and ensure that the candidate is credible and appropriate for the required job role. For example, the marketing manager may be looking for an employee who can work and think under pressure and be able to meet deadlines effectively. The human resources department will then publish an advert on job recruitment websites and will have to verify each and every resume and CV. The HR department will request information from the marketing department to include in the advert. For example, possible promotions, salaries, roles, responsibilities and hours of work will be discussed. The human resources department will also work alongside the marketing department during the training of staff. For example, the marketing manager will provide training and specialists may also be hired to provide the training, the human resources department will oversee and administer this operation and will communicate with the marketing manager to see how the training is going and if the employees are making progress.

Both departments will also work together if the marketing department are struggling or are preparing for big upcoming product launches and campaigns. The Human Resources department will recruit specialist staff to help assist the marketing department and keep operations flowing efficiently. The marketing department will communicate with the human resources department informing them that they are in need of some expertise or specialist help. The Human resources department will then recruit new staff, in some cases the marketing manager or executives may be asked what kind of employee they are looking for and what type of help they need, this will help the human resources department select and shortlist the perfect candidates for the job role, leading to a more efficient workforce and increasing the chances of success for the business. Human resources department will also be responsible for keeping staff in line and on-task.

This will involve keeping employees happy and motivated, allowing them to work efficiently and progress through their career onto more senior roles. Human resources need to keep employees positive and feeling happy about their role. This is vital because if an employee is unhappy about their role and tasks then they will not perform to their best standards and will lower the speed of operations, the reputation of the business and may also create a negative atmosphere which will also affect a lot of the other employees. For example if the marketing department had a new employee join and he/she was finding the work atmosphere difficult and finding it difficult to fit in and mix with other employees, the humans resources department will then motivate the employee and ensure that they stay on task, making them feel happy and having a positive attitude.

Human resources department will also work the marketing department providing discipline and authority. The human resources are in charge of the verbal/written warnings, retention and dismissal of staff. This means that if the marketing department feels that a few of their employees are not putting effort in, meeting deadlines, staying on-task or harassing other employees etc. they can then report to the human resources department and inform them of the behavior and wrong doings, the human resources department will then either issue a warning or release the staff form the organization. This is crucial because if another employee is affecting the confidence, motivation and work of another employee, they should be punished.

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