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Uses of imagery are used in this quote, by the ‘sun and candlelight’ representing night and day. This expresses that her love is everlasting. This counteracts with the sonnet ‘Farewell to Juliet’ by Wilfred Blunt. He expresses his love in a more apparent and visual way, compared to Elizabeth Barrett Browning. All his words are put down to pure beauty and the elegance for his lover: ‘There a rose lay curled. ‘ Once again, this is an example of imagery. It shows that Blunt thought that Juliet was the most perfect lady in the whole world.

By comparing his abstract love to a tangible item, in this case, a rose, the reader is able to understand the passion he held for his love. The rose in this situation represents love, romance and the colour of the rose, which is most probably red. Red might indicate blood and indeed symbolise death. This is appropriate because the sonnet explains Blunt leaving Juliet. Sonneteers use repetition to enforce their feelings and opinions. By repeating a phrase or a certain word their ideas are enforced upon the reader.

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Repetition is used often in sonnets, and it has a great impact on the reader, because they keep reading the same word, or phrase a few times and if the right words are repeated then the emotion felt by the sonneteer is also experienced by the reader. In How Do I Love Thee? ‘ the words, ‘I love thee’ are repeated five times and the emotion felt by the reader is a strong sense of passion and a true feeling for love. When phrases like that are recurrent, there is a large impact on the reader. This, once again, is why the sonnet is the best poetic form to express love.

The fixed, dense structure of the sonnet helps the fact of repetition be such a helpful factor of writing. The tight formation of the poem helps the reader notice the repeated words as there are only fourteen lines provided. In conclusion, the sonnet is the perfect poetic form to express love. This is because of its tight, compact structure, its repetition and its rhythm. The imagery used in sonnets is also an exceptional structure of writing and it makes the sonnet extremely romantic by comparing love to a tangible item.

This is because most substantial objects symbolise what the sonneteer is trying to express. Wilfred Blunt mainly writes examples of imagery and Elizabeth Barrett Browning deeply expresses her passion. Throughout the variety of love sonnets, the tight, compact structure will always remain there. This helps the sonneteer craft their writing into fourteen lines making the wording extremely expressive and significant. Repetition enforces on the words repeated making the reader focus on either the word or the phrase. Overall, the sonnet is the most perfect poetic form to express love.

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