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These suggestions cannot be made or introduced because to do these things, the company will have to raise prices to meet the costs, and this can be possible because Richer Sounds wont to be cheaper than any company store or even local store However people also give great suggestions that the business can introduce such as on person suggested to introduce the queuing system for the busy days. This sounded good, so Richer Sounds than introduced this system and now each and every store has this system. Richer Sounds methods of checking their Customer Service

There are two methods on how Richer Sounds checks their stores customer service, these are: 1) They use an independent mystery shopper – every month an unknown person visits all stores to check on the stores services. After each store is visited there will be a report sent to Richer Sounds saying how well each stores services were. Richer Sounds then send off theses results to the appropriate store with their points that they have been awarded. These points are always recorded on the Richer Way League every month

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2) They carry out internal checks twice a week – this include the mystery telephone calls to the call centre and the stores Dealing with customer problems How Richer sounds deals with complaints No business like to see complaints made by the customers, however Richer Sounds encourages the customers to tell them any complaints they have for the business. This is because Richer Sounds wants to put things rights The call centre deals with telephone complaints and the store colleagues will with face-to-face complaints from the customers.

To do this all colleagues working in the stores and the call centres have to get proper trained on customer service so that they can resolve as many complaints as they can within the spot. Colleagues can also give refunds or exchange any item if the customer is dissatisfied with the product but unfortunately this is only able to do within the 14 days of purchase. But if any item stopped working or has technical faults then the company will repair the product for free.

Every week Richer Sounds collects all the complaints from the stores and call centres and then divides into two categories: a) Avoidable Complaints b) Unavailable complaints Available complaints are complaints that could be avoided by the business such as avoiding colleagues talking rudely to customers Unavoidable complaints ate types of complaints that are unavoidable because the company cannot do anything about it such as one person stated the car park was fool, or the stores are small How Richer sounds deals with problems and returns:

Richer Sounds gives 100% guarantee scheme. Product can be returned or exchanges within the period on 14 days and the product should be kept in the original conditioned. They obviously give refunds to fault goods or an exchange Products that develops fault at any later stage, will then be dealt with the companies Repairs and Servicing department. Richer Sounds After – Sales service Customers can either ring the call centre or email the customer services department for any queries or if they need support. After sales service is provided by the service and repairs department.

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