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Ever since the computer cam into public circulation and anyone anywhere was able to access the internet, parents, teachers and scientists have asked, surveyed and studied whether or not computers are good for the younger generations, there are a number of pros and cons surrounding the matter and each has its own pros and cons, to start I will put forward the issue of health.

Computers cause many health problems due to how they are used and the equipment involved, VDU’s give out a small amount of radiation and are often very bright which leads to eye strain and eventual damage of the retina, this is common in small screen resolutions as I myself use a small resolution which sometimes causes me to squint to read text etc, the use of the computer is also important some might only be used for diagrams and documents but depending on the job it could be used to test games, manipulate images or even video.

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Although this cant be avoided in the case of workers whose jobs involve heavy use of computers and that’s why many companies have introduced and encourage a scheme to minimise the effects of computers. Computers may only appear to affect the eyes in most cases but the ‘addiction’ to computer use or the constant need to use a computer can have physical and mental effects, first the physical

Using computers for long periods can lead to lack of exercise and if the conditions aren’t comfortable the user may experience back trauma and pain in the wrists due to typing and the use of a mouse, because computers only need a limited use of the body the rest is left un exercised which is unhealthy, wrist, back and neck trauma are common because many people neglect to take advantage of the range of equipment designed for computer users which helps reduce the risk of injury.

Computers affect the mind?? Yes it is true the computer ‘addiction’ leads to a decrease in productivity and in further cases can affect your personality as anti-social behaviour among heavy computer users is common, it can also lead to fatigue which is related to eye strain, its were even if you have had a good nights sleep you still feel tired. Now onto what computers do to us and do for us, the financial and educational values Financial

Computer first timers would often complain about the price of computers and how they either crash or just don’t work at all but now technology is better but with it does come a cost, while some computers are cheap the more powerful machines come at high prices and people would often complain about the constant updating of computer systems and how its so expensive, it is true but most computers now facilitate the upgrading with new hardware by the use of ports and drivers, the user can install the hardware and update his system by installing the drivers either included with the hardware or by vesting the companies website and downloading them from there but of course there are those who don’t have access to the internet because it either isn’t available to them or they simply cant afford nor need it which brings drawbacks to their computer use, the internet has become an important part in computers and almost every owner has a connection, the internet provides access to millions of companies and download sites which are sometime crucial if you have hardware that needs updated and you cant find the drivers elsewhere.

Computer repair is also cause for argument, the chances of a computer being incapacitated by viruses, transport damage and even dust is more common that’s why computers are so fragile, and also why the cost for repair is often high. Investing in a computer has its pros and cons like everything else but in the long term the purchase of a computer can become helpful for work, business and education and even just for fun. Education

Now more than ever the use of a computer is needed for school, be it assignments, homework, revision or reference, a lot of school subjects require the use of a computer be it ICT itself or other subjects like art or English that require them for word processing, imaging and research, computers and schools are now closely related, most school now also have their own computer suites allowing students access to them during and after school hours and usually these computers are also internet connected, the amount of information out there on the web now is amazing, there are sites dedicated to certain subjects, revision and even sites that are online encyclopaedias, students have everything they need and all easily accessible from school or home, which is the huge advantage of having a computer because it can seriously aid in a Childs education if used properly.

Word processing is also required by a lot of subjects, it makes work more presentable, easier to read and mark and word processed work can be formatted and enhanced in so many ways for example, adding pictures 3- dimensional text and text sizes and fonts, colours and highlighting its more than most people need but its there to be used and sometimes that extra picture, quotation or highlighted sentence can make a difference in marks.

Most students find some subjects uninteresting and this lack of enthusiasm leads to bad results and low performance but there are many programs out there than enhance the learning experience through different age groups and abilities allowing students to study subjects in an interesting and challenging way such as word and number games or interactive scenarios, software is available everywhere its used in schools, and even published with magazines, its adapted for every age group and level of ability. Recreation

As many know the main use of computers now is for fun and recreation, with games for every interest programs that simulate, homes, gardens and even families attracts people to buy the software and play, game don’t cost much which makes them easy to get, and the majority of computer user between the age of 12-17 would mainly use their home computer for gaming purposes, and not only are games bought but the internet also plays a part, it is possible to download games and play them or play them direct from the website which encourages internet use, a lot of games can be time consuming such as real time strategy and platform, RPGs which have ‘levels’ or stages which need to completed to advance which can become addictive as the game constantly challenges the player testing there ability.

The Verdict In my view the pros out weigh the cons, computers benefit us in so many ways but have their cost, but then doesn’t every good thing have a cost? , computers have revolutionised our lives, they have given us access to information no matter where we are, the ability to produce stunning presentations in a few minutes and the access to information that benefits business and education, if it weren’t for the computer we would still be using typewriters, people have there own views on computers everyone has their own opinion and they have a right to share it.

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