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Headline- attractive and eye crabbing, gets my attention and what I want. Sets a question for me: a good idea not working, or a bad chance to take, re-phrased to make me think of the important thing placed last “a lethal gamble? ” purpose of story is to have anger, over doc and I would want to know that, no need for the science or emotion, and it is more dramatic. Pun “Glorious failure” a good idea but didn’t work. The debate is raised if it should have happened or not.

Sub-Heading- “Dad’s Fury As Siamese Twins Die”, makes me feel emotional for the dad, but anger on the doctor, I am responded to get a one sided opinion straight away and is in a box, to get me the attention to read this. If that weren’t there I would not read the newspaper, as it is to biased, this changes views. Pictures- Again the picture relates to the sub-heading and it gets me opinionated, making me read the article. They make me fell fearful and disturbed because they look unhuman, shows that it wasn’t going right.

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At the bottom there is a storyboard, simple, and that is what is good for me as I don’t want to know information about the science or the operation but what the main people involved in this article, the Siamese twins, Dr God and any friends. Layout- The colours used get me very frustrated and a bit emotive, because of the black representing death and sorrow. There is less writing and I don’t need to read much, headline and sub-heading has got me convinced and the text just adds the extra information to consider about the event and the if should of gone through.

The use of italics make me feel, and think of what has just been said, Introduction/1st Paragraph- Very strong, and is using to lethal words “mourned” to show how people thought of this from family members and friends letting me know the sorrow going through people, and the phrase “reckless gamble” gives me the idea that we should blame the surgeons for the operation, and gets me angry and emotive over this debate. I also have sympathy over the debate; the use of “mourned” is effective.

Language- Bitter Alireza Safaian, a doctor adopted the twins said “When they took them to Singapore I knew they would bring back their bodies. They took them there and killed them. ” This quote is very strong and makes me fell that the surgeons in Singapore were to blame, and I fell this is emotive to me and I fell the language is simple but very dramatic. Simple language is what I want, and not complex jargon, I don’t need to know any medical terms; I am a very easy reader. The amount is little but has effect and strong use of language, emotive was morally justified.

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