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We were asked to make and design a teenage magazine, which consisted of a front cover, a double page spread and a single page. We were told the magazine must be targeted at teenagers in the age range of thirteen to nineteen years old. However the gender of the target audience and the genre of the magazine were up to us. I decided to aim my magazine at a female audience, as I thought it would be easier for to me relate to and therefore create a higher standard of work.

To help to decide on the genre of the magazine I carried out research to find out what teenage girls like to read in terms of genre, what they like magazines to contain, how much they are willing to pay or a magazine etc. Also I needed to know what layouts, styles, fonts etc made a magazine appealing to my target market, thus I knew I would have to look at teenage magazines already available which are successful. I decided to ultimately target my magazine at teenage girls aged fourteen to nineteen. Knowing my target market made it easier in deciding what magazines to analyse for my research.

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I wanted my magazine to follow some conventions of the typical teen girl magazine, but I also wanted it to be the little bit more quirky and original. As part of my research I looked at circulation figures from the internet of teenage lifestyle magazines. The most popular magazines were ones aimed at teens between thirteen and sixteen. “Bliss” and “Cosmo Girl” were the most popular magazines. To decide the genre of my magazine and the contents of it I carried out a short questionnaire, which focused on what types of things girls in my target age group wanted to be in a magazine.

Fashion music and lifestyle were the most popular type of magazines so I decided to do my magazine as a mix between these. Make-up was the most popular type of freebie so I decide to give away a free lip-gloss or eye shadow. However as I wanted my magazine to be original I decided to analyse a wide range of magazines. I analysed “Sugar”, “Glamour” and “Teen Vogue. ” I looked at their front covers, double page and spreads and single pages in a semiotic analysis. I found that the magazines, which appealed to a younger audience, used brighter bolder colours on their front cover. “Sugar” had a young famous singer, Leona Lewis, on the front cover.

Leona was smiling and had an innocent happy facial expression. Whereas on Glamour, a magazine aimed at older girls, Jessica Simpson was on the front cover. She is wearing a low cut top and has a more sexual, seductive facial expression. This connotes maturity and shows the magazine is aimed at an older audience than “Sugar”. The Younger magazines such as “Sugar” and “Teen Vogue” focused on celebrity gossip, fashion, school problems and ‘cringe’ pages. while the more mature “Glamour”, focused more on real life, and advice columns, as well as fashion and celebrity interviews and gossip.

However the celebrities used in “Glamour” were older, and of a higher calibre. This is because readers of “Sugar” and “Teen Vogue” aspire to different things than the readers of magazines such as “Glamour”. I also looked at different strap and cover lines on magazines. This was to give me an idea of what types of things are on magazines to lure the reader in. The Cover girls on the magazine help to lure the reader in. The models are always attract and infallible, in the target audience’s eyes. The Cover girls are usually around the same age as the target market, if a celebrity is being used then the celebrity maybe a few years older.

This connotes that the celebrity is probably a role model of the target audience. The models also fitted in with the genre and style of the magazine. The Photographs looked more professional on the older magazines and they appeared to be simpler in the lighting and staging. My magazine includes the typical conventions and features of magazines. It has mastheads, titles, strap lines and cover lines to catch the attention of the readers. Having use a simple natural photograph, with the model in the same age group as the target reader and having bold modern font faces to produce a casual and contemporary feel.

Planning. The majority of double pages in “Sugar” magazine and “Glamour” were real life spreads or fashion spreads. The double pages all stuck to the typical conventions of having one large image and maybe on or two smaller images, as well as quotes. The real life spreads were of ordinary people the same age as the reader, although there was one that was an interview with the cover celebrity. One of the double pages was about celebrities and some items they had used. This page used bright, bold feminine colours and photographs of the celebrities. There was also little text.

This page also used colloquial language with words such as “Hot” and “lush”. Therefore I decided my double page spread would be a mix of celebrity and real life, by doing an interview with a teen celebrity. For my single page I decided to create an advertisement for a make-up product. Even though readers said in my questionnaire that they did not like a lot adverts, however adverts are a convention of a magazine, and overall my magazine would only have a few advertisements. I analysed two advertisements and a ‘cringe’ page for my single page research. One was a shampoo advertisement and the other was an advert for lip-gloss.

I liked the lip-gloss best and decided to do my own advert for lip-gloss. For my single page at first I just found a picture of lip-gloss on www. google. com, and a background on www. google. com. I did not plan to use flowers in my background, or to name my lip-gloss. Orchid close before. However I really liked this background and it gave me inspiration for my final single page. I also found a picture of an anorexic girl on www. photobucket. com to use on my front cover, to tie in with one of my real life cover stories, “I survived on only 600 calories a day”.

In addition my cover girl is facing forwards looking directly at the camera, thus audience, smiling and a friendly facial expression. I got my model to pose in a friendly way as I wanted the magazine to appeal to a wide range of ages. Even though I had made an action plan at the beginning of the project I did not stick to it week by week. Instead I found it easier to do the work as I went along, and not stressing myself out by worrying that I was not on time according to my action plan. Construction. For my front cover and double pages I used Abode Photoshop version 6.0 and Microsoft Publisher 2002.

However I did all of my single pages on Photoshop alone. On Photoshop I opened and edited all my images which I then layered and imported onto publisher. I mainly used the dodge, blur, magnetic lasso, hue and saturation and airbrushing tools on Photoshop. When I started the project I had only ever used Photoshop once before very briefly, however the more time I spent on it the easier to use it became and my Photoshop abilities steadily improved. Once my images had been imported on to Publisher I constructed the overall pages and added all my text.

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