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Firstly I chose to focus my project on urban music but I found that it would be difficult through my research to focus on a wide genre of music (especially with the time restrictions). Therefore I decided to narrow the concept down to one particular artist of the urban (“hip-hop”) culture scene. I then began to find that the concept of a “hip-hop” orientated webzine appealed to a 13-19 year old urban music liking audience which I labelled as my “target” audience.

Through questionnaires and group interviews I found the response very interesting, I found that most of the target audience felt that “hip-hop” was treated as a niche category and that the lesser known artists were not being represented. On the questionnaire a question asked: Do you think that there are enough hip-hop dedicated sites on the internet? Approximately 60% of the answers I received said that there was not enough “hip-hop” sites on the web and many highlighted the point that lesser known artists were being represented.

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With the research I chose to focus my website on Nas (Nasir Jones) a massive artist in the “hip-hop” community but does not have many websites that are dedicated to his music, life and career and. I found through my “target” audience that it would get a huge audience if I created my project about him. For creative inspiration and for a functional and structural guide I decided to use a small part of my time to analysis other websites. By looking at existing “hip-hop” sites I was able to see how effective particular aspects were used to explain, guide, and to overall entertain the observer.

I decided to look at and compare hip-hop webzines, I had found on the internet by comparing and contrasting these sites to find the best and most effective aspects I could then transfer these particular concepts along with my own ideas to my project. I was able to look at these sites to help plan the layout of the website I was going to produce. The common thing I found with hip-hop sites was that they were hard to navigate and at times would lead you into “dark allies” but like the examples below I wanted to make my sight entertaining and easy to navigate.

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