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With effective memory storage processes in mind, describe three different strategies you might use to help students store the information in their long-term memories easily and effectively. Using information processing theory, give a theoretical rationale for each of the strategies you propose. If I were to teach my elementary students a unit on dinosaurs, I would first make arrangements to take a field trip to a natural history museum. This would allow them to better understand how large the dinosaurs really were if they have seen actual dinosaur skeletons at a museum.

This will provide them with a meaningful learning set when they are learning about how large dinosaurs were because they will be able to make better sense of the information; they saw it for themselves. It will also allow them to learn more easily other items that associate with the largeness of dinosaurs because there will be things with which that new information can be associated. Secondly, I would use visual imagery to allow them to compare the size of the dinosaurs to animals they see everyday.

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For example, I could hold up a scale drawing of the size of a tyrannosaurus in comparison to the size of a dog. This visual image would help trasport the new information about the size of dinosaurs into the long-term-memory because it would relate to something already in the long-term memory; the size of the dog. Lastly, I would use the process of elaboration in order to expand on a new idea and store more information than what was previously presented to them. For example, I would ask them questions like:

“Why do you think dinosaurs were so large? ” “Can you think of some other large animals? ” “Do you think the largeness of the dinosaurs had anything to do with them becoming extinct? ” “What can you conclude about dinosaurs based on their size? ” Asking these questions will allow students to go beyond the information presented to them. In most cases, the more students elaborate on new material-the more they use what they already know to help them understand and interpret the material-the more effectively they will store it in long-term-memory.

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