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I am going to need a computer connected to the Internet as I am going to make my website go live. The computer system that I am going to use to make my site doesn’t need to have an Internet connection as I am only designing the WebPages and testing them, But It will require a computer which has all the necessary software. The software I am going to use are:

The web design software that I am going to use are Dream-Weaver and Front Page, I am going to use them to design the layout of the website as there easy and complex at the same time, which allows me as a developer to create quickly and effectively, using multimedia content and interactive object on my website, saving me time and effort. As you can see I am using 2 different software to do the same thing because I am going to do some things that Dream-Weaver only allows and other things that Front Page allows, as the site I am developing will require scripts that allows only registered user to use the system.

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I will need to use more then just html. I have decided to use PHP as it’s easy to use and most server supports it, I will need apache server and a mysql database system, I am going to use mysql and link it to the php source code which will check if the user is register or not.  I am also going to need to use Photo Shop as I am going to need to have logos and icons giving it a tone of professionalism, which will attract more costumers, and overall make the website look good.

I am going to need to use database software as all the car detail will be stored in a database, and linked to the site which then can be searched by a user for specific car, and renting times. I will need a server which supports SSL (secure socket layer) which allow me to send information between servers and will allow users to order the car online using there credit card.

Input 1. I am going to do the error checking for the credit card by linking it with a credit card validation system. the cars by making a data capture form and giving it to my friends at easy car rental who will then fill it up with the car information and when its due back for servicing, after that I am going to put it all in a database which is linked to the website. 3. I am going check if all the data provided to me by easy car rental is correct by doing the four things: proof reading, and validation, and I will call up easy car rental and go through with them to make sure that I have got all the cars and due back dates, I am also going to fax a copy to them just incase they want me to change any of the details.

Processing I am going to use php scripts to do searches on my site. I am going to write a script in php, which will do all the calculation of the total cost of the car hire. Output The output should be an . htm or . html file, which displays the user all the necessary details need to rent the car and he or she will be able to enter his/hers credit card and the car would be booked for them. Back up strategies I am going to back up the whole website on a cd-r and keep a copy of the system incuse of a technical failure.

The server will also keep copies of the user’s details increase the system goes down and the website has to be restarted. And to avoid people form having to fill in the form twice. Security issues The website will run on servers that have SSL security with 128bit encryption to stop people form gain unauthorized access to other people personal and confidential details. The system will keep 24 hour back up before it updates, so if any deletion happens it can be traced and fixed.

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