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I have been approached as an IT consultant and have been set the task to communicate information, which will promote latest video releases in a video hire shop. Customers should be able to easily find their way through the presentation, by clicking buttons and seeing information about their choice of movie. The information will include text, pictures, and movie clips. The customers should also be able to calculate the total cost of their movie hire and other purchases. Audience The project will be aimed for an audience who have a limited time to search for their movie and do not wish to look through large amounts of information.

The presentation will be used as a way of promoting entertainment so should be interesting, attractive, clear and concise. It will have the intention of focusing on an audience with a variety of ages and will not focus on movies for a particular sex. Possible ICT Solutions Possible ICT solutions that could be used are: * Creating a website using Microsoft FrontPage. The advantage of this would be that if there were different branches of the video hire shop then there could be one branch that held the main computer.

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Another advantage could be that customers would not have to come into the shop to see the advertisement as if they had internet at home they could check the website before coming in to the shop. This would be time saving and customers could also find out prices and if their chosen film is in stock. A website would be interactive, therefore attracting more attention and involving, collaborating and communicating with the customer more. Customers could also check the website for the nearest branch and whether the film they have chosen is on video, DVD or VCD.

This branch could then change information on all the computers in the branch. The computers would be in a network. The disadvantage of creating a website is that the video hire shop would have to get an internet connection and this could be expensive. * Leaflets, posters and magazines could be made using Publisher. The advantage of this would be that customers would be able to see advertisement of new films in the streets or other shops or get post lets and magazines posted through to their home. Duplicating the poster would be also be cheap.

Members of the video hire shop could sign up to get magazines and news on new releases sent to them. A disadvantage of creating post lets, poster and magazines would be that they would be static; objects would not be able to move or change, they would be in a fixed position. Therefore less appealing to the eye. Another disadvantage would be that it would not be interactive. * Create a PowerPoint presentation. The advantages of this would be that the presentation would be interactive, therefore, attracting more attention and collaborating, involving and communicating with the customer more.

If the customer is in a rush they are able to come into the shop and choose the film they want through the presentation, rather then look through shelves of films. The presentation would also allow them to read reviews of films, watch clips of films, find out about the cast in films and read a synopsis of films. The disadvantage of a PowerPoint presentation would be that each individual video hire shop would have to update their presentation. This would be very time consuming. Another disadvantage of a PowerPoint presentation would be that the video hire shop would need a computer in order to have access to the presentation.

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