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I didn’t like this website as it wasn’t interesting and had too much writing. Out of these 6 sites I chose the 4 best in accordance to the amount of information the site gives you and how interesting it is. The best 4 sites where: As my fourth choice I picked: www. watertown. k12. wi. us/hs/teachers/buescher/atomtime I picked this site as it gives you a lot of information about the timeline of the atomic structure and the different scientists, which came up with all the different ideas about atomic structure.

I found this site to be pretty popular and came up on every search engine. As my third choice I picked: www. chemtutor. com I picked this site as it told me a lot about atomic structure nearly everything you need to know about it but it didn’t have many pictures which made it look boring and uninteresting and there was a lot it writing to get through. It was also I little bit to advanced.

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As my second choice I picked: http://web. jjay. I picked this as it had some good information and some good diagrams to make some information easier to under stand. The site is shown below. As my first choice I picked www. Library. thinkquest. org/3659/structures I picked this site as my best site as it was easy to understand, there was plenty of diagrams and just enough writing but not to much to explain about atomic structure. This site is also shown below.

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