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I have chosen to write about an issue that worries nearly every female teenager ‘childhood pregnancy’. Firstly I did some background reading on childhood pregnancies and abortion to find out the options teenage girls have when they discover they are pregnant at such a young age and don’t know what to do about it. I wrote this story with the purpose to persuade.

The audience was typically female and the ages 12-18 because females of this age tend to not know the impact and the effect a childhood pregnancy could have on them emotional and physically. Teenagers are most vulnerable and can easily be led into unprotected sex that carries a high risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that will affect their livelihood and life as a whole. The purpose of my story is to persuade teenagers in the UK to read Laura’s ordeal and how one stupid mistake can lead to so much anguish.

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The UK has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in western Europe and the highest number of unmarried teenage mothers in the world The media have focused a lot over the high rise in teenage pregnancies with soaps such as Coronation street taking a stand in raising the issue over the last few years with Sarah Louise Platt getting pregnant at 14. The Story conveys a powerful message and reflects the firm course of action the government is taking to upheld the rise with a firm course of action that schools and parents must face.

I found this useful as it relays the dramatically affects that this problem has not only on his life but farmers across the country and in Europe, but also the families as well who are faced with restrictions were they can go. The text is colloquial and modern; because of this and the topic of the text, I would think that if it were to be published it would be placed in a teenage magazine as a personal experience article or even to inform young girls about the whole issue of pregnancy at such a young age.

My aim when writing this article was to inform the reader about the imp act of childhood pregnancy. My work should give the reader an insight into the emotions and anguish teenagers have to go through when they find out they are pregnant. The layout of my article is meant to be that of a magazine article , with bold headings to make it stand out pictures, borders and decoration to make the article more appealing and stand out. I have used different font styles and sizes to make the article my appealing to my target audience of teenagers.

I decided to put my opening paragraph in a border separate from the rest of the text as I have noticed when looking through magazines this is the most common layout used by magazine publications. When deciding upon a title for my article I wanted something that come sum up Laura’s experience in a couple of words, my final decision was ‘Trapped Teen’ which I found meets the purpose in which I set out to find. It also has alliteration with the ‘T’, which I feel makes the title more striking and memorable.

My opening paragraph, which starts; There she was sitting in the waiting room, watching the white plastic clock on the green walls, ticking away moments of her life, ink black eyes watching the lady move. Petrified and alone… ‘ I started with this as my opening paragraph to give the reader a sense of realism and to immediately catch the readers attention and to show that it was a personal experience, I added adjectives like ‘petrified’, ‘alone’.

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