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Revlon was launched by two brothers Charles Revson and Joseph with the help chemist Charles Lechman in 1932. The term Revson was renamed as Revlon by Charles Lechman. Initially, Revlon begin with single product called “nail enamel” and later all three established manufacturing process successfully. Company became multi dollar organization in America within six years. Revlon is a leading mass products company includes cosmetics, skin care, perfume and personal care products. The objective of the Revlon is to provide qualitative and innovative products at affordable price.

Since 1940, Revlon has been manufacturing innovative and quality products. Due to its global brand name and vast marketing experience, Revlon has successfully created consumer franchise in the world. Each of its products is sold in 175 countries approximately. The management team of Revlon posses’ creativity and good marketing skills. It also offers various beneficial business opportunities. It educates the masses regarding women related health issues. This report will focus on, how Revlon’s communication tools can be improved to enhance customer satisfaction and customer interaction for Revlon.

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The report will also discuss competitor’s strategies. The report will focus on the gratification and use theory, value system and flow of information (i. e. how customer go through every page) and concludes with recommendations for improving online communication tools which will help Revlon to increase its customer interaction and satisfaction. INTERACTIVE MEDIA According to Chaffey, Chadwick, Johhnston and Mayer (2006), Marketers and experts needs to select appropriate online communication tools to increase the number of visitors on the website and to acquire new customers.

In a study by Ko, Cho and Robert (2005) believe that interactivity should happen in terms of academic literature, which can be defined as human-message interaction and human-human interaction. In view of Mc Quail (2004) interactivity can be defined in three ways; two-way communication, reactive communication and interactive communication. This report focuses on the interactive media (i. e. Is Revlon website offering two-way communication? ), which means Revlon website is involving customers and implementing two way communications.

Secondly, is website a reactive communication, which means whether the website is offering something useful to the customers? Thirdly, is website offering a medium of communication between customers to company and customer to customer? To assess Revlon website three theoretical aspects have been taken into consideration; use and gratification theory, flow of information is used to understand what customers are looking for in a website. 1 USE and GRATIFICATION THEORY

Elliott and Rosenberg (1987 cited in KO, Cho and Robert 2005) believes that consumers motivation and decision to use certain type of mediated communication tools are examined through this theory. McQuail (2004) believes that the use and gratification is useful for internet communication theories. It is based on social and psychological origins. Papacharissi and Rubin (2000 cited in Ko,Cho and Robert 2000) believes that the motive behind using internet communication tools is based on interpersonal utility, pastime, information seeking, convenience, and entertainment.

According to Ellsworth and Ellsworth (1997) the website should offer information to the customer which will enhance its credibility and improve its business in the market. These can be further illustrated as below: 1 Social and Psychological Mc Quail (2004) believes that social dominance and psychological needs leads to the use of internet. Social needs may be communicating with others but feeling of lonliness give rise to the social and psychological needs.

These measures give audience an opportunity to interact with different people and this is the way by which consumers can free themselves with loneliness feeling by interacting with other members in the society and they also help to develop consumer groups online. 2 Needs Needs are generated. Consumers have a need to buy cosmetic product or to watch flashy ads which can be seen in website. Revlon website fulfils the generated need of consumers. Now, question arises whether website is generating a need or fulfilling.

Needs are generated in consumer by wanting something they do not have. 3 Expectations: Expectations of the masses and other sources, suggests that a consumer assessing Revlon website has a great expectation. He may think that there would be some gifts and contests. According to Strauss and Frost (1999) coupons and contests are big business online. Therefore,consumer visiting the site expects the site to hold some contests online which is beneficial to the company as well like it helps firms to draw traffic and keep users returning, 4 Media Exposure:

Mc Quail (2004) suggests that different patterns of media experience leads to some activites. When a consumer visits Revlon website and wherein if he comes in contact with media, it may lead to some experience. This experience can be regarded as social integration, identifying with others, connecting with family; friends and gaining a sense of belongingness. In view of Strauss and Frost (1999) consumers online join communities, post comments and send email to friends or chat online and discuss about the product online make customers happy and satisfied and leads to social integration.

Consequences: Blumler and Katz (1974, p: 142 cited in Mc Quail 2004) believes that the consequences from media exposure leads to “unintended ones”. When consumer visits Revlon website, it is important to understand, whether his visit leads to some consequences. This can be regarded as entertainment like escaping or being diverted from the problems. If Revlon site provides something exciting to the consumer, which will take him away from his set of problems and hold his thoughts, the user is bound to return again and again to the site.

Further, Berger (1995) suggests that several scholars have also supported that the use and gratification model is based on consumer sharing experience with different members, find distraction and diversion and gain information about the world. Rosengren (1974 cited in Rubin and Rubin 1985) believes that need and gratification begins with individual’s biological and sociological needs where human interacts with societal structure. Moreover, Rubin and Rubin (1985) suggest that use and gratification needs are human motives and needs for media use.

When use and gratification model is used to assess the Revlon website, a visitor will not find any personal identity with the site. In a survey done by Katz and Aspden (1997) showed that social and personal development was the key factor for using the internet. A visitor wants to visit the Revlon website to feel the sense of belongingness, to have social satisfaction which will lead to his personal identity as well. Currently, Revlon website does not offer these parameters to the audience.

In a survey done by Stafford, Stafford and Schkade (2004) suggest that the use and gratification is used to understand the motivation of the consumer to use the media. It is further said that consumers log on the net either for some information or entertainment. Secondly, consumer visits the website for playing games and browsing. Revlon provides information about the product but does not exploit it (i. e. how consumers can exchange this information with others). Another example is new nail enamel on Revlon product line.

The customer will not know about the product unless they visit another page of the website, which can be time consuming and he may loose interest about the product. Stafford, Stafford and Schkade (2004) suggest that Use and gratification provides knowledge about consumers (i. e. how interaction on the site can generate more consumers). When this theory was applied to Revlon it proved that customers are not connected with each other. If consumers are connected with each other it would have generated more traffic to the website, because consumers interact on the website with others and thus word of mouth leads to more number of audiences.

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