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There is a range of different equipment which is available for these changes. However there are certain specifications which need to be met and I do not recommend purchase hardware or software which is redundant or to advanced for the needs of the employees. I have researched a range of products and have compared numerous other products here are my findings and I have also given a recommendation which I feel is suitable for your needs. The main things which I considered when I was researching the different products were ease of use, price, upgradeability and the reliability of the hardware.

There are several systems which I have looked at. All of the systems meet the requirements of the firm and have the possibility to be upgraded. This is important because the technology industry is constantly advancing and there is always new software being released which demands more memory and storage space. Also with the amount of documents which will be saved on the network storage space is something which I recommend as a key aspect of this local area network.

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These are two computers one which is a high specification computer and another which is not a high specification computer. Both have the meet requirements of the firm but there is a big price difference. The Dell XPS 420/4068 has a lot more memory and storage space but these are not features which could not be upgraded on the eMachines EL1200. The eMachines EL1200 is less money and it has upgradeable features which can be upgraded easily. Out of the two PCs I would personally recommend the eMachines Pc because there is room to upgrade the hardware and the price is not too expensive.

Also because the other computer is a dell you will only be able to upgrade the hardware with Dell products which could end up being quite costly in the future as new models are released. The eMachines computer will be easier to upgrade. There will also need to be a server which makes the network work. This is a vital part of the network and a decision has not been made purely on price and brand. I have also taken into consideration the different features which come with each server.

I have compared two different servers in the table below, however these are two which I choose from many. Above are two different servers, however the HP model is more expensive but gives the customer some great technology which can be upgraded and customised to their own preference. There is also support included in the package which is very useful. I recommend the HP because of these reasons. The Dell model is cheaper but so is the technology inside the server. It would also be difficult to upgrade as you will need dell components.

The internet connection method also needs to be seriously considered because of the type of information which will be passing through the firm. Confidential information cannot be lost or stolen which is why I recommend a wired internet connection. Wireless internet (WI-FI) is not 100% safe. This does not mean that measures cannot be out in place to stop such actions from happening but the risk is very high. Whereas a wired connection is more secure. There are a range of different monitor sizes available on the computer market and many of them meet the user requirements.

The recommended monitor is 19″ flat screen TFT. This is because the screen size will be large enough for the staff members to view their tasks without straining their eyes, the flat screen TFT option uses less space than other monitors and they are also cheaper to purchase than larger monitors. A larger screen would take up a lot more space and is not necessary. The resolution is not a big issue because the firm will not be focused on media creation and therefore high resolution is not necessary. I have put together a table which compares two different monitors.

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