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How is the news presented in one of the front-page stories? ‘Top woman scientist attacks ‘sniping’ males’ This story is about Susan Greenfield, one of Britain’s most well known female scientists. It is immediately evident that the paper has taken her side and is explaining how men should not dominate the scientific frontier. This will immediately attract the attention of other woman who have either experienced this treatment or simply don’t agree with it.

It also has the largest picture on the page, which means that people are going to want to know what it is all about. This means that it will also attract male readers who have picked up the paper and seen the picture. It uses a lot of quotes from Susan herself, which provides an almost emotive style to it. This will make people want to read on to see why she is saying these things. Apart from this it uses a rather formal vocabulary to keep it sounding serious so that people believe what they are saying.

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It uses words such as emphatic and dominated, both of which provide a very emotive and moving story. They show that it is a subject worth reading about and that is should not be taken lightly. How does the front page of the Telegraph help it succeed in appealing to its audience? Is there any possible bias? The front page will be successful in appealing to its many audiences as it has a collection of stories that span across a lot of different subjects. It contains sport, politics, entertainment and national news.

Because of this vast amount of subject matter, unlike a tabloid paper, it will appeal to many different audiences. There is however, definitely some evidence of bias. In all the stories were there are two sides; they have chosen to be bias towards one instead of staying neutrally inclined. For example, in the Susan Greenfield piece, they make no attempt to say that she may be wrong or may be over reacting to it. They stay firmly with the belief that she is in the right and the ‘anonymous male scientists’ are wrong in what they are doing to her.

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