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In this course I have leart about vuideo cameras microphones and lighting. Im now more comfortable with using a camera as I have gained more experience with using a video camera as I have gained experiece with holding and recording shots. I have also had problems with the use of a microphone on a video camera as in one off the first video camera investigation I took part in was a videio alphbet which had vary poor sound because the distance of the subject from the microphone and also back ground noise from varies parts off the collage.

Later I learnt that the distance between camera and subject must have a distance that works well with the particular microphone and that you must be aware off your surroundings. When using lighting while recording outside the only real sourse of light is the sun so for a good shot you would have to place the camera and the subjects inbest possession to get the best lighting. When using lighting indoors theres a lot more control for indoors you can use three -point lighting which involves a key light,filler and backlight.

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The key light is placed in front of the subject and is placed near the camera. The filler light is placed on the left side of the subjects face to cast the shadows the backlight Is placed on the right of the subject or subjects and fills in the back ground and gives extra sparkle to the hair unlike the sun with three-point there the abilty off moving and changing the lighting around to get the best shot and gives the ability off manipulating the shot with lighting.

There are also limmations of recording with a tripod as using a dolly would give more varity and much easier movement which is different to a tripod which can be aquid and vary time consuming to move around with. Video Composition refers to a visual element on screen which includes shot type and angles used before the editing process. The two main elements of camera movement is the pan shot by using it over a large screen to give a sense of size or distance and zoom to change the focus of the viewers attention. Camera angles like camera movement can Give varity to filming and and show the inportance of the scene.

Low angle shots show the audience a view looking uop at the subject and the camera tilted up making the subject appear bigger and more intemerdating but the high angle shot is the compelte oppiste and gives the sense of looking up at the subject and gives the audiece the superior angle. Another main angle that can be used is a close up shot which shows the head and shoulders. I have used these skills in class and at home filming my brothers birthday party by for the first time using a tripod for a steedy shot and using camera angles to create a more interesting video.

I have learnt many skills since joining the course such as the use of a tripod which before the course I had never used before but I now understand it is key to filming a steedy shot and allows more creativity with shot types and angles. I have learnt new skills and vastly improved on others such as camera skills and I am now at the first stages of my editing skills and feel confardant that I well gradually improve my skills has the course go’s on.

Healh and safety regulations are the most important thing in a shot while filming the are many to go threw such as the safety of the camera,making sure the tripods legs are always spred out,the camera is always safly placed on the tripod and when any movement is taken out, and never leave electrical eqimpment on weather it be a camera,lighting or a microphone faliare to do so can result in a injury to a work mate fellow group member passer by or myself and neglecting a eqimpment can result in damage to vary exsepsive eqipment

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