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The lead article in the “The Independent,” was about President Bush wanting the UN to take further action in Saudi Arabia. The language used in the article is very sophisticated, for example the opening sentence is “Bolstered by sweeping Republicans in the congressional elections. ” Just by reading that sentence we can already tell that the language will be sophisticated and this article is for an intellectual person other examples of words rarely or never used in Tabloids were “gubernatorial,” “Administration”and “enhanced.

” Just from these three examples you can tell that the language presented in the lead article is much more complicated than that of “The Sun. ” The reason for the complex language is so that the article can give you a detailed read on the issue and make you appreciate the newspaper. The lead article is broken down into three columns which measure roughly three centimeters by five centimeters. The lead article takes up a fair proportion of the front page and stands out because of the bold title above it.

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The sentence structure of the article is roughly the same as all the other newspapers as it has short, sharp sentences this doesn’t make the article look as though it is going really long but the columns are much longer and detailed than a typical column you would tend to see. The language format is straightforward there are no puns, metaphors, similes or any other language techniques this has a substantial effect on the reader as it makes the article seem more serious and maintains a flow when the reader is reading the article.

There are quotes in the article outlining what people in the cabinet have said. This shows that “The Independent are able to get in touch with people in a high status and get their views and opinions, this makes the read more interesting as the person reading the article can also consider what the people in the UN are thinking about, so then the reader would have more knowledge and understanding of the article. Then lead article “The Sun,” has presented, is about then Queen and her devastation on the butler spilling secrets about the royal family.

The language used in this article is much the opposite to that of the language used in the lead article in The Independent, it is very casual and there aren’t any words that require you to have a high understanding of English. The lead article is much smaller than the one in The Independent and most of the space is taken up by the pictures. The article is broken down into three columns measuring approximately 3 centimeters in length and 15 centimeters in width, the article takes up about 25 percent of the page.

The article stands out on the page because the words “Queen in tears,” has been written above it in a big, bold font this draws attention to the article. The opening sentence of the article is quite straightforward “The betrayed Queen weeps yesterday… ” after you read this and the next paragraph it is quite clear that the article will be simple. There is no complex language the article is quite simple and doesn’t go into as much detail. The sentences are short and brief. There are no language techniques like puns which you might expect to find in The Sun.

The Sun has a tendency to hyperbole the article to make it sound worse than it actually is; we see an example of this when the writer says “Spilling royal secrets… ” but in actual fact the butler had not given much away about the royal family and The Sun were simple exaggerating it to make it sound worse. Another example of The Sun exaggerating the story is when they say “The Queen let it all flood out. ” The Queen had just shed a tear but they make it sound like it was much worse so you take some interest in the story.

Towards the end of the story there are quotes from the spokesperson about the remembrance and the queen, but they haven’t been discussed; whereas the quotes in The Independent were discussed thoroughly. This could be because The Sun hasn’t cared enough about this issue to discuss the views but other quotes about football mangers and celebrities have been. The first sports page on the back of The Sun has half been occupied with a picture of David Beckham and Alex Ferguson and the other half says “Fergie: its time for Becks to step back from the spotlight.

” Down the left of the page in the remaining space you see clips of sportsmen and a little information on the article. All the famous sportsmen are listed down the side this is because when someone reads the Beckham article they will notice what else is available to read, so naturally The Sun would want the best articles to be listed. The text on the back page takes up very little space but the picture takes up a lot, this is because the picture features elite nations and people and therefore it will be eye-catching to the consumer and may persuade them to purchase the paper.

A lot of the sports pages are occupied by football this is because -stereotypically- this paper is aimed at the kind of people who are into football, celebrities’ gossip and so forth therefore there would be no logic behind having page after page about the bowling championships. All of the articles to do with football have large, bold titles as this makes it look like the articles are really important and worth reading. The sports articles especially the football ones have been written in a lot more detail than most of the other non sport related articles.

All the articles are presented with pictures whereas in The Independent there might only be one or two pictures to about five articles. This is because The Sun are trying to make the sports articles as interesting and detailed as they can for the reader whereas The Independent have their priority set on giving detailed and thorough information on the politics and current affairs. The Sun have used puns in the sports articles, on the page we can see a picture of an English player lying injured on the floor and below the picture it reads “I will be back. ” The back page of The Independent features many different sports.

Football has taken up a large proportion of the back page, but unlike The Sun it has more text and fewer pictures. The football article that has been presented has been comprehensively analyzed and the whole match has been discussed. Even though The Sun gave a detailed analysis of the football, The Independent was much more detailed and had a more meticulous read. All of The Sun’s sports report was based on Sport action related to England; The Independent has sports coverage from all over the world and provides more detail this resembles its identity as the newspaper itself has news from all over the world .

The Independent makes the articles related to sport sound really thrilling as it describes the action well using superlatives and short sharp sentences to make the article sound much more “Alive,” and fast paced . As you progress through the pages you begin to notice the lack of football coverage and more topics focused on cricket and rugby this may because the typical Independent reader would be interested in what is going on in cricket, whereas a Sun reader would rather concentrate on the happenings in football.

The sports pages of The Independent do not feature any elite people. The pictures displayed include people not recognized as famous whereas The Sun present pictures of famous people in their sports pages this is because The Sun use the pictures as a technique to get the consumer drawn towards the paper The Independent uses their pictures as a method to show the reader what has happened at the scene, regardless of the status of the person displayed. -to a certain extent-

The photographs tend to be bigger in The Sun than The independent and there tend to be more pictures in The Sun. The Sun tries to make the person in the picture look either evil or wrong. The picture of Winona Ryder has been taken to make her look very sly but in The Independent they have portrayed her as an innocent woman. This reflects the style of the newspaper as it shows that The Sun is saying that she is guilty but The Independent seems to be giving her a chance.

The way in which the photo was taken also has an effect on newspaper and its appearance especially if the photo is going to be placed on the front page, for example the picture on the front page of The Independent has been taken with various shot techniques, the images in the background have been blurred which makes the image in the foreground standout this makes us concentrate on the subject, most of the space taken up in the photo is by the subject as that is the most important thing.

The Sun have used a close up on the Queen in order for us to see her crying , this makes the picture look more dramatic and is involving as it is big and draws your attention. The picture of the Queen has been made to look very peaceful and calming a large proportion of the picture is her face this is because that is the part that we will relate to as readers so it is important for them to concentrate the picture on it.

The identity of a newspaper is created by features of it that are specific to that particular newspaper. The Sun’s use of informal language isn’t specific to The Sun as most tabloids have adapted the same style of writing but the pages of information on celebrity gossip and the scattered layout of pictures and text boxes are. The Independent is an informative newspaper to read provided you have the time to as the language use is highly sophisticated and each article is presented with as much detail as possible.

The layout of The Independent is very organized everything has its own place seems to all flow with no text boxes or picture or adverts out of place it is very well compiled The Sun and The Independent both fill my expectations. The Sun can provide me with a quick look at the news and a fair deal of information in the latest sports. It is also a convenient size and the context isn’t hard too understand. The Independent provides a thorough and informative read and can provide you with all the information that you might need about stock markets, world affairs and has an immensely detailed news coverage.

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