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I have decided to the use the font ‘Comic Sans MS’ as the general font in my website as it is not attractive, it is not dull and it is clearly legible. I will use a minimum font size of 8; this is to ensure the vast majority of people can read it. The minimum font size does not need to be too big as the website is intended to be viewed close up on a VDU. Red will be one of the main colours of the website as it is the colour of the company logo. The background picture is going to be a blue strand so blue will be another central colour to my website.

The background will be white as it is a bright colour and will is generally considered to be more attractive than for example, a dark blue or black. The font colour will be black as it is the best font colour to use on a white background and is the most commonly use font colour. On the right hand shared border: The buttons to the main pages (Out Now, Future Releases, Accessories, Member Offers, Buy Online, Contact us, Home) will be located on the left hand side as used by many websites. This is so that they will be more accessible, if they were at the top, further down the page they will still be visible.

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To ensure accessibility to the main sections of the website, there will also be hyperlinks at the bottom of each page to these main sections. There will be a page banner on the top of every page so that visitors will know what page they are currently in, these will be made automatically according to the titles of the page on the navigational view on FrontPage. Under the buttons, there will be a picture of a ‘Vidgame’ store and location of stores with hyperlinks to a page with the map and a small description of the particular store.

This is to encourage people to visit the store nearest to them. On the right hand side shared border in an invisible table (so that that part of the page can be filled red) will be reward card information with a picture of the reward card with an animation, the animations I will explain later. This is to attract the user into joining the reward card program. Under that in a separate invisible table will be information on special game offers which are only available to members, there is a hyperlink saying ‘JOIN NOW’, again to attract members.

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