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Details on Videos can be changed, added, or deleted depending on whether videos are coming in, going out or being changed. All videos have an ISBN number, which is different for different video titles. Also every video would have a different Video ID number. All this information can be inputted into the system via a simple form. Auto Number will set up Video ID numbers automatically. 4. 4 Video Copies Copies of videos would have the same ISBN number but a different Video Id number so each video can be separately tracked even if there is multiple copies of one video.

Borrow a video Borrowing a video can recorded in a matter of seconds, a loan form will be set up which lets you pick the member ID, video ID, ISBN number and Date taken out and Date given back. This is all the information that needs to be taken and it will be recorded (which will be given a certain time after video was taken out). Return a video When videos are returned the return date will be filled out in a Loan Form. This will tell the system that the video is back.

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If the video doesn’t come back within a certain time an additional bill will be given to the member which will increase depending on the time over due. 4. 7 Management Information This would include such information as the Top 10 most popular videos and least popular videos, which could be sold if least popular or have more bought if they are very popular. Also over due information would be for the manager to deal with. Along with members that have been inactive for a certain amount of time etc. The members those are overdue so to sort out the fines.

To find out which video is earning the most and the video that is least loved by the members. 5. Areas of responsibility The video shop manager has the sole responsibility of approving and funding this project. If this project is to be taken any further, it becomes the responsibility of the project manager develop a plan of work , to track progress against the plan of work and to finish to time and budget. The project manager will also be responsible for the procurements of necessary hardware and software and to ensure that the necessary training provisions are made.

It is the responsibility of the analyst to investigate the process thoroughly and use all means open to them to ensure that they have a complete and accurate assessment of the requirements. It is the responsibility of the shop manager to ensure that his staff are aware of this project and co-operate fully with the investigation team. The manager should also keep the investigation team fully briefed on any developments on the expansion project in case they have any effect upon the project.

The business is currently undergoing expansion, which may result in the business process or scale of the operation being affected. There is currently no network in the building. A different team will install the network. This team report to another manager and so they are largely outside of our control. The equipment is currently on order but a potential problem could be a delay on delivery. The staff are not trained in the use of computers. The formats of data from the different suppliers may not be the same.

It may be that an interface has to be written for each supplier. Also if the suppliers change their output for any reason, the interface will need to be modified. 7. Cost / Benefit Analysis How long would it take to regain the Money that was spent in improving your database, and how long before you are gaining the profit of installing all the new hard ware, software etc. If the Costs take to long then the changes might not happen but if the costs is regained very quickly then it may be the right move.

The major cost involved in this project is the acquisition of appropriate hardware and software. The expected pay back period for the investments in equipment is expected to be 2 years. 8. Recommendations What you would need to run the new system such as a Network, Database, Computers and other Hardware, along with Software etc. introduction to the system so the staff Also the staff would need training to able to work in Microsoft programs. And there should be a back up system to protect the work so if something were going to happen that the staffs have a back up copy to use.

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