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A flashlight consists of a battery, a switch, and a lamp. Simply the switch (user control) and the battery are the inputs of this system and the light, and some heat, are the outputs. This circuit is then placed inside a case and a reflector is mounted at the back of the lamp to direct the light into the object. Shape: Maybe the most important characteristic that every flashlight must have is to be comfortable in hand. Most Flashlights are in the shape of a cylinder such that fingers can wrap around it easily. In this design however, the cubic shape of it makes it hard to hold in hand.

Also, the head of the flashlight where the light is located is angled upward without any logical reason, whereas it would have been better if the light was pointing downward. Switch: The part that causes the most frustration in this design is the on/off switch. Unfortunately the switch doesn’t stay on and your thumb must maintain constant pressure on the switch to hold it up; otherwise it will turn off. After a while your thumb gets tired and you may require to switch hands or even worse, keeping the light on will become a two hand operation such that one hand must hold the light and the other must push the switch.

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Reflector Mirror: the mirror used in this design is flat instead of being concave and it can not focus the light on desired object properly. Battery: The battery used in this device is not rechargeable nor it is one the standard type of batteries you can find in a store (such as AA or AAA). Instead there is a black cubic shape battery with no information written on it. Since such battery is not found in ordinary stores by the time the battery dies it would be the end of flashlight as well.

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