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For my store guide I would use a rollerball to help the user navigate the system that has been put together. I have chosen the rollerball as I think it is the easiest device to use. It should be clear to users how it works, and it is the most convenient. It would be easy for people to see and read. Whereas a normal computer wouldn’t be a good idea because it could get damaged, vandalised and even stolen. People may not be able to see the screen very well if they only used a normal screen.

A touch screen could even be used but it could get damaged easily as it may be too sensitive for clumsy users. A Power Point Projector could also be used. I have checked my website fully for errors that may have occurred while making my website. I checked to see if all the colours go together well and I made sure the website was eye-catching, as I want people to be attracted to it. I also checked for any errors in general, including spelling, grammar and presentation. To do this I used spell check to check the text. I also proof-read the website.

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I used tick boxes and drop boxes to reduce any errors that could occur. I made sure the website was as accurate as possible. Users to search through my website would use a normal 15-inch monitor screen, mouse and keyboard. I made the website as clear as possible by using a navigation bar that clearly indicates the buttons, as when your mouse moves over them, they highlight by changing colour. To use my store guide efficiently, I would use a rollerball to display my system, but another output device that could be used would be a touch screen.

They are easy to use and people would want to use it as they would be attracted to them. People could see the information clearly, as it would be enlarged. The colours and pictures would attract people to want to go and look at the store guide and hopefully they would find it useful to them. The website allows people to look through and hopefully enjoy the information that they can see on their screens. The information is effective and simple so people will find it interesting.

If the users found the system complicated, they wouldn’t be interested in looking through the website. Users will be able to use the website to their full advantage even if their monitor is 14″, 15″, 16″, 172 or 21″. As the information in the website will fit in well and it will be easy to read. The users can also use their output devices to print out any data they might need from the website, by using a printer. If the printer is colour, the user is at a full advantage of the website as they can print off the colours.

If the printer is only black and white, the user is at a slight disadvantage, as they will not have made full use of the website, as they can only print the information in back and white. There are many types of printers including bubble jet, LaserJet, inkjet, colour laser, plotter drawings, which I used to print out drawings, and dot-matrix, which you cannot use to print off images. Another output devices that I could have used are speakers. I could have added sound to my website so that the users could listen to music or information while browsing through my website.

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