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The two posters I have chosen to write about are two very different posters. The first is a second world war 2 poster called “Dig For Victory” and the second is a sixties poster for a New York clothing store. “Dig for Victory” is a world war 2 poster the artist is unknown but the printer was J. Weiner Ltd, London. The poster is advertising the need for people to plant their own food instead of flowers in the garden. This is because during the war it was hard for importing ships to travel to Britain undetected and without being bombed!

A team of the best designers was therefore recruited to work for the Ministry to develop the most effective design solutions to produce wartime propaganda. For most this meant going back to the most influential themes of the 1930’s, including the impact of surrealism, the introduction of photomontage and the bold use of type to create the strong visual images needed to bring home vital messages for the war effort. The design on this poster is very simple. This is because it was to put the message across to people simply.

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The lettering in this poster is clearly more important than the picture. The text is white bold on a red background. Most wartime posters used bold text, as this was an effective way for people to understand how important the messages were. The picture is simply just a foot digging a spade into the ground. The picture is a photograph. There isn’t much colour in this poster, only a red background. The target audience for this poster I think is anyone who was able to plant their own food.

I think this because during the war people were desperate for food clothing etc. so everyone capable of making life easier helped in any way. The second poster I have chosen to write about is for The Different Drummer store designed by Peter Max. This poster is very eye-catching; maybe this is because of the bright colours and the weird design used. As soon as I saw this poster I could tell that it was designed in the sixties from the colours used. Peter Max has used bright colours such as pink, blue, green, yellow and lots more! The design in the centre

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