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Media has come to mean very different things to our society. For example, the importance of media in our life is that it communicates various ideas and helps us make decisions. Media influence us because of how things may look or sound. These holiday brochures have used different useful devices to convince you to come to there resort. In this essay I will be comparing two types of holiday brochures and how they attract their target audience. The Club 18-30 brochure seems to be aimed at young people who like to have fun. This can be seen in the choice of layout and organization.

It is well laid out; this can be seen in the way they used the logo to show that it is a reputable company. It appears to the reader that this company is authentic and it is a company that they can trust. The use of presentational devices also helps attract attention and guide the reader’s response. For example, the use of sub-headings helps to break down the information into different sections. Also, his indicates fun as the font is written like a young person would write and this attracts the target audience of 18-30.

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Furthermore in ‘Superfamily’ brochure uses sub-headings and bullet points directly next to the picture. This helps the reader to identify the important aspects of the resort and it also shows the resort is focused on families and the activities available for children. For example the picture used in 18-30 club brochure shows people laughing which show them enjoying them selves, this effects the reader because will attract them to come. On the other hand, the picture in ‘Superfamily’ brochure is an irregular shape.

It could represent numerous things, it could be a window shape showing the reader what their lives could be; like if they holidayed with this company. Alternatively it could be drop of water presenting to the reader excitement which there children will like. Another example of presentational device, the colour used on the logo, used in 18-30 club brochures, is red and yellow, which makes it seem more attractive, bright and eye-catching. Also red and yellow resembles the Spanish flag and Majorca is an island in Spain.

However in the ‘Superfamily’ brochure it uses a bubble shape at the top of the brochure to make the resort seem fun. This helps make it more attractive to children as they would automatically associate bubbles with water which is fun for them. The type of language used on the 18-30 club brochures is formal. For example, the lines “Water sports are available, as well as tennis, go-karting ad cycling” is quite formal. As this could show that the writer is not trying to manipulate the reader with lots of emotive and personal phrases.

It is very concise and precise; this helps the reader to decide for themselves. Other example, for factual on the ‘superfamily’ brochure it uses “One kilometre long beach”. This effects the reader because they will feel the place has a lot of space for them and there children. The use of formal language uses on 18-30 club brochure use emotive language and factual language. For example for factual, “2 gorgeous beaches and balcony sleep 2-4 or 3-5. This helps to persuade customers to come because it is something you can prove to be true.

On the other brochure, ‘superfamily’ it also uses emotive and factual language. For example for factual, “18 tennis courts”, this effects the reader because the just might like tennis and if he come here he can practice his tennis. Example of emotive language, on 18-30 club brochure uses “gorgeous beaches”. This helps to attract customers to come to this resort. Also on the 18-30 club brochures they used “most brilliant choice of bars”. This will make the reader and customer feel convinced and will make the reader want to come. However, on ‘superfamily’ brochure the writer uses a few emotive phrases.

This is seen in the lines “great place”. This tells customers who read this that it is a magnificent place. Also, the writer uses “attractive palmeras playa apartment”. This excites the reader to go there. In conclusion, the holiday brochures use high-quality presentational devices and linguistic devices. Personally I think the 18-30 club brochure was more effective at attracting their target audience because they use a good range of emotive language and the presentational big and bold. Also, the picture showed how people were in the resort and the other brochure didn’t.

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