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As given in the dictionary, hacking means to break into or use a computer network or use a system without authorization, as a hacker might do. Personal computers came into this world about 25 years back and revolutionised the world. It led to modernization and paved the path for greater human advancement,even in the space. They help us in almost every way but nowadays they are also in danger. Danger from humans. Hacking is the word. some people for various ways cause destruction to ones computer by either spying on it by hacking the system servers or logging on to someone’s pc ust for fun which is awfully wrong and shouldnt be done.

Privacy has become the thing of the past. These hackers as they are called have various techncal ways to harm ones pc . It is not as tough as it seems. Anybody with basic knowlegde can get on with this sneaky business. no expertise knowlegde is required. Only a linux based system and basic knowldge about hacking is to be known and thats all. It has a become a serious pest. There is no end to it. The best targets are the biggest companies which have huge branches with turnovers of several crores. Governments of the world should start recognizing it has a worldwide problem which needs to care of as fast as possible.

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Even an individual should protect himself from the dark and dungy place called internet where all the ‘stuff’ takes place. The best way is by using a firewall and other security sofwares avaible. Even anti-virus companies provide such software. First and foremost way government can help is that ,they can track the hackers and arrest them as quickly as possible but it is not easy when there are millions and millions of hackers around the world! Those who get caught should be put behind bars. The methods hackers use to attack your machine or network are fairly simple.

A hacker scans for vulnerable systems by using a demon dialer (which will redial a number repeatedly until a connection is made) or a war dialer (an application that uses a modem to dial thousands of random phone numbers to find another modem connected to a computer). Another approach used to target computers with persistent connections, such as DSL or cable connections, employs a scanner program that sequentially “pings” IP addresses of networked systems to see if the system is up and running. Where can a hacker find such tools? On the Internet, of course.

Sites containing dozens of free, relatively easy-to-use hacking tools available for download are easy to find on the Net. While understanding how these tools work is not always easy, many files include homegrown documentation written in hacker shoptalk. Among the programs available are scanning utilities that reveal the vulnerabilities on a computer or network and sniffing programs that let hackers spy on data passing between machines. Hence, it is a problem which can only be solved with the help of online community and using the ways the hackers so. Turning the tables against their own tools is the only way out of this mess.

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