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Tennyson was very eager and talented as a writer and began with early attempts of play writing with his play The Devil and the Lady at the age of fourteen. He also attempted other work with his two brothers Frederick and Charles before he began his three years at Cambridge. During Tennyson’s time at Cambridge he wrote a prize-winning poem entitled Timbuctoo, which he wrote in 1829. Tennysons farther an intelligent clergyman in Lincolnshire died in 1831 which left Alfred incharge and responsible for the family and its income.

Some of Alfred’s most famous pieces, such Lotus-Eaters, A Dream of Fair Women, and The Lady of Shalott were concluded in his volume Poems of 1832. For a time after this Tennyson did not write many more poems for he was shocked by the sudden death of Hallam, a close friend which he met during his time in Cambridge. He later began to write again in 1842 with poem such as Locksley Hall, Ulysses, Morte d’Arthur by this time he was known as a great poet.

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In his poems from after 1842 we can see a change in his writing and notice that he has doubts about the modern scientific age and we can see his thoughts are incorporated in his poems, and how they are about a lost past (Morte d`Arthur). One of tennysons renowned poems “Lady of Shalott” is clearly about what it was like in Victorian times as we there a lot examples of how it would have been to live for an Victorian woman. This poem is about a lonely woman who is cursed to stay in her tower on the island of shalott just close to Camelot.

The curse is that if she were to look out down to Camelot some thing bad will fall upon her though she does not know what will happen if she does, and so is afraid to leave. “A curse is on her is she stay To look down to Camelot She knows not what the curse may be, And so she weaveth steadily,” The curse in this poem represents a Victorian marriage in that she would not have been allowed to leave the house as a married woman.

The curse was also like a social curse and how she was not allowed contact with the outside world and was expected to stay home and weave and have no passion for the outside world. This is much like the lady of shalott in that she is trapped in her tower (home) with no escape with out fearing something bad will happen to her. She is also weaving as women were expected to do. Though the Lady of shalott does have passion for the outside world as we see.

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