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This harsh land was home to the native North American Indians long before Christopher Columbus discovered the new country. There native ways were somewhat disturbed when fleets of White people arrived spreading disease across the tribe’s men and women. How Did they reach America It’s thought that the mini-ice age formed a bridge like structure across from Russia to meet with America. The natives would have of come from Africa exploring Russia over many hundreds of years. Moving slowly upwards towards “The Bridge”. Settling in The plains would be attractive along with all the coastal areas, and places rich in minerals and resources.

Natural plateaus would be a prime place to settle to help in defence from other tribes not connected to yours. Bison Hunt This was to produce large quantities of meat, after the introduction of the native horse hunting became an easier way of life and the bison jump was now only for fun. Pre Horse- Post horse Time and energy that is wasted stalking and running after pray can be better-spent teaching children, or helping around the camp generally. The numbers of Bison changed dramatically after the introduction of the horse. Ok so the bison jump meant many fatalities and lots was wasted, weather by foot or by horse.

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But when the horse came there were many, many more skills for hunting so the jump was used less. The Sun dance If life wasn’t hard enough the men of the tribe, normally the fitter stronger members did a tribal dance for their sacred God The Waken Tanker. The dance started with men physically connecting them selves with a piece of bone to a large rope. At the end of this you would find a very large pole like structure. The men then leant back and relaxed so the whole of their body weight was being forced onto the chest skin. This went on until the fist “victim” fainted of pain or blood loss, or the normal way the skin and flesh tore!

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